Japanese Food – Will It Waffle?

Experiment Time! Dango in a Waffle Maker? How about Inari Sushi? We have no idea how this is going to turn out, but this should be fun!

Thank you Mayumi-san for the beautiful bouquet of flowers and for being an amazing human being.

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  1. Ann H

    I love pizza and paninis. I would try waffle pizza panini with homemade pizza dough!!!!! Also can add spaghetti in between. Or you can do Japanese or Chinese paninis with your choice of ingredients. Mmmm😋🥰😃

  2. Mo Poppins

    No need to oil it, BUT using tongs w/ an oiled paper towel for cleaning BETWEEN items is a good idea, if the previous food has left behind fragments/crumbs.

  3. Mo Poppins

    Anything that tastes good w/ both chewy & crispy parts will waffle well. I ❤️ using my waffle maker. It’s fast & fun!

  4. Piper Rox

    Omgeee this was soooo entertaining! My mom’s favorite breakfast is waffles.

    You boys reminded me of little kids experimenting with their mothers kitchen appliances!

    Look- a waffle iron! Let’s waffle EVERYTHING!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    Justin, give us your doggie food! Waffle treats!!!!!

    I love you both so much! 💖💖

  5. Melissa Dunton

    Do you have the cinnamon rolls that come in a log shape in the refrigerated section of your grocery store? They are the kind you pop open and bake in an oven…? They are fantastic cooked in the waffle maker. You just put them in the waffle maker….four at a time and then put the glaze (that come with them) on while they are still hot. Then you do the other half of them while eating the first four of them. 😊🤤

  6. Melissa Dunton

    Oh good lord! Justin looks so cute in his cone of shame!! 😆🥰

    Also, at our local sushi place they do a tempura sushi and it is marvelous! I’d never think that warm sushi would be good, but my son tried it and convinced me to as well. It’s now one of my favorite maki sushi. 🥰

  7. Sporty Baker

    I missed the livestream but I still very much enjoyed this experiment video! I'm looking forward to the part 2 with okonomiyaki, yakisoba, melon pan and doughnuts 😀

  8. SleeplessMess

    When I worked at my previous job, we had Waffle Wednesdays. The office kitchen would be filled with waffle makers, waffle batter, fruit toppings, and syrup. I was on a low-carb diet, and cracked some eggs into the waffle maker and had delicious waffle-shaped eggs! So good and easy!

    I want to see a part 2 with waffle cheeseburgers, and that waffle pizza sounds wonderful! My mom would make pizza toast in the waffle maker when I was young. It was easy to eat for breakfast on the way to school. White bread, pizza sauce, mini pepperonis, and cheese! So simple!

  9. Suzi Q

    So much fun! Can't wait for part 2 and CONGRATULATIONS on half a million subscribers! You both deserve it and many more! Love from North Carolina! 🤗❤🍾

  10. Shadow Telik

    I have only just found your channel and absolutely love the chemistry you both have. Subscribed right away and can't wait to see more videos. Sorry if this is to personal, but are you two a couple? 😊

  11. Kimberly Fairchild

    Actually when you get any type of burn. Put mustard on it. It takes the burn out and stops blisters. But you have to leave it till it drys

  12. Greg Ritenour

    Takoyaki in the waffle maker. Or make a homemade croffle (croissant waffle) with whatever fillings you want or just put toppings on it after you take it out.

  13. Ai Nguyen

    Croissant (including sweet ones like chocolate or almond croissants and savory ones and like ham and cheese croissant)

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