Nara, Japan – 21:9 Ultrawide 4K HDR – Nigatsudo Temple – Cinematic Short

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33 Replies to “Nara, Japan – 21:9 Ultrawide 4K HDR – Nigatsudo Temple – Cinematic Short”

  1. BIG J316 TV

    We’ve been there 3 yrs ago and we love to
    Come back again soon . Always here to support u sir prayin u can also see me here God Bless u

  2. Good Vibes Travel

    Wow! That looks so amazing. The background music really mixed well with the cinematic video. Love it.

  3. The Walking Life

    Your cinematic presentations are my favorite. It allows you to show how creative you are and also how good at editing you are. The clouds were magical and allowed the temple to feel that much more enchanting. I loved seeing the deer 🙂 This temple is definitely somewhere I’d like to visit.

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