20 Replies to “Japanese Street Food – HALIBUT SASHIMI Flounder Okinawa Seafood Japan”

  1. Alexander Gordienko

    Это искусство разделки рыбы, да и не только!!! Высший класс!!!

  2. Alexander Gordienko

    Ну почему же японцы её испохабили, наооборот научили как её можно кушать ещё!?!?

  3. Claudson Lima

    Kkk com certeza o linguado é um bug na natureza… não é possível que essa "troca de lado" traga alguma vantagem biológica…

  4. p sk

    don't know if it's the low quality one but I tasted Wasabi once and I absolutely hate it with passion. smell horrible

  5. Colin Gantiglew

    Japanese Fish Master disassembles another big fish with surgical precision and immaculate cleanliness. Compare this with the main fish market in Dhaka!

  6. Alexander Gordienko

    Так это палтус или камбала? Да, это родственники, но все же…???!!!

  7. Charles Garrett

    Please explain: Why do you spend so much time scaling the fish so completely when you are going to skin it anyway?

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