Japanese Convenience Store Hot Foods | Lawson In-Store Kitchen

Some Lawson convenience stores in Japan have their own kitchens so they can prepare fresh food for their customers.

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22 Replies to “Japanese Convenience Store Hot Foods | Lawson In-Store Kitchen”

  1. Tatiana R

    Lawson food was great, I liked it more than 7-11, but in general combini food was great, I wish we had that in other countries

  2. Erin Bell

    Nailed the runny yolks- hooray!!! And we even got a vocabulary lesson 🙂 Thank you, Satoshi <3 How great to see more eco-friendly packaging also 🙂

  3. Gringo

    .I need this in my crappy California desert hole-in-the wall town. I would keep them in business and get fat doing it, but for breaded pork cutlet sandwiches (and the other meals) it would be a good tradeoff.

  4. Stacey’s Hapa

    Hi guys! I have an idea for a video, I hope you will like this idea. Since we are hopefully getting close to being able to travel again, I am already planning my next visit back to Japan. Hopefully seeing stuff I missed before.
    So my idea is a video on your top favorite food places broken into types of food you both pick your favorite spots in Tokyo, restaurants or shops.
    So for example top favorite places to eat Tempura 1 for Shinichi 1 for Satoshi and maybe inexpensive, mid and high end.
    Same for Sushi, Yakitori, Tonkotsu, Curry Teishoku, Bakery, Ramen etc.
    Places maybe a tourist wouldn’t know unless they had a friend in Tokyo.
    So it’s a video you can do from home and maybe show a screen shot of the restaurant and name and where it’s located and why you like them.
    That would be an awesome video, I would love to see so I can ad places to my list.❤️

  5. ASMRTina - No Talk, No Headphones ASMR

    Trick for crisping tempura is to pop it in the oven for 2 minutes at 450 degrees it will bring back the crisp

  6. Starling Knight

    Adorable. I dub thee my uncle😊
    I love half cooked eggs. Do try fried eggs with salt over rice. I ate that often as a kid!

  7. Dyani Simon

    It's such a pleasure to hear you say that the pork dish makes you happy! Your happiness is contagious, Satoshi. 😊

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