There's Not Enough Spicy Food in Japan

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30 Replies to “There's Not Enough Spicy Food in Japan”

  1. Stalin K

    as an indian my fav food for guaranteed spice nd taste other than my own is mexican holy fuck ifyk the right place they got heattttt

  2. Mimiko Chan

    I could never handle spice but one day I was so fucking heartbroken because I learned that my then crush liked someone else so I just ate any spicy food I could find in the house that night and cried watching kiznaiver, that was the first euphoric feeling from spice I had and ever since that day I started to eat stress eat only spicy food and that gradually made me get used to spice and I literally can't go back anymore I have to have spice in my food most of the time now

  3. My Getaway

    i totally agree with Joey. I'd love the hot flaming infernal hellhole in my mouth that would put me one step away from a coma if it didn't completely ruin any flavour that the food contains.

  4. ᄋᄉᄋC

    I'm mexican-american and eat roasted chilies or habanero sauce with almost every meal. I always wonder if I could make it in a country without spicy foods. Even ghost peppers are ok for me.

  5. monster 132740

    dude I grew up around Mexicans and I need spicy food can't live without it but my family is from a tiny town in the middle of nowhere in Arkansas so I'll cook them food without any kind of spice because they can't handle it and they'll still say it's too spicy when it pretty much tastes sweet to me also if for whatever reason you're in Arkansas and you think about going to a "Mexican" restaurant don't unless you want enchiladas with nacho cheese or tomato sauce

  6. Rumi Das

    Dude you can't remove spices from an indian curry cause we Indians put like a million kind of spices in curry

  7. darkpepsi

    @First We Feast: “Have you ever had hot wings from mild to gigantic mouth on fire with our hot sauce challenge?!”

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