Japan Travel Restrictions: February 2021 Update

The bad news? The state of emergency has been extended for at least another month, albeit not unexpectedly. The worse news? Recent Olympic tomfoolery has diverted much-deserved scrutiny away from Japan’s failed Covid-era immigration policy. This is the tea, live from snowy Sendai.

27 Replies to “Japan Travel Restrictions: February 2021 Update”

  1. Bamx333

    This is a disgusting take. I live in Florida where people are constantly infecting others. It’s amazing that you conflate that to a “human right” of movement.

  2. joy clumia

    Gonna wait for next update after the SOE ends, and I wish they could just give us a hint when they will gonna reopen 🙏🏼 since a lot of countries now is starting to have vaccines. Wishing to go back by June 🙁

  3. mapleichigo

    Man sorry, but I'm gonna have to disagree with you. The freedom to life is much more important than the freedom of mobility. If it was up to me, I'd have restrictions that are much more strict for a shorter period of time rather than this half assed "you can do some stuff but everything is slightly restricted" that's being dragged out for months, but obviously that's not going to happen so if restrictions were to be lifted, they would have to accompany enough vaccinations such that there is herd immunity, or restrictions that exempt people who have been vaccinated. No one likes not being able to travel, or eat at restaurants indoors, etc. People want tighter lockdowns because it's an investment in freedom and safety at a sooner date, and understand the concept of delayed gratification.

  4. Salvador Lopez

    Would it be a bad idea to buy tickets to Japan for May? I'm from the USA and want to go as a tourist.

  5. Gravityrain

    I have a summer abroad trip planned for summer 2021. Do you think it’ll be open for travel in early July?

  6. Pot of Greed

    I just feel like there are some things that are bigger then short term personal wants. That includes a deadly pandemic. People would be outraged if this was the new normal, but it's not. That's why they're "begging for their freedom to be taken away" as you're saying. Travel is not a necessity, not in the same way food and water are. The fact that people are comparing what's happening to that of dictatorships, or that it's some new form of control, is baffling. This is not North Korea.

  7. SquidsTv

    Hey, hope you are doing well in sendai and are not affected by the earthquake around there! Thank you for the corona update 🙂

  8. Marissah Waggoner

    Just got accepted to study abroad in Japan for a year. I don't leave till September, so fingers crossed they will let me in by then!

  9. Laura Q

    Freedom of movement! It’s a right! Agreed. I’m glad you can see what is happening in Australia, it’s a prison island right now. I’m an Australian, currently overseas, and I hope to travel to Japan soon.

  10. Bonny83

    Thanks a lot for the update. This is very valuable. Do you think Japan will open this spring for work visa holders?

  11. Kim Lopez

    I had a trip planned for April this year to Japan. Looks like that won’t happen. We will push back for September.

  12. Krystel Clumia

    Thanks for always updating, this is such a big help for me and others who are waiting for Japan's reopening 🙏🏼 Looking forward for the next vlog update! And hoping to go back in April-May 🤞🏼

  13. KenShen

    Somehow youtube knew I needed to watch this 😂 But great video and I 100% agree with all you said. My work visa for Japan is being delayed until April-June at the earliest.

  14. Luca B. Zito

    Hi, do you Think that japan could reopen to tourist the secondo half of may?
    Thank you for your updates

  15. The Global Citizenship

    Thank you for sharing your take on Japan. I was just trying to see what sort of new content still exists for Japan and came across your guide. This is an awesome take of your journey and I hope you had fun!

    – TGC Marvin

  16. Rutt Roe

    I was born in Tokyo!!! I was there last year during the 1st state of emergency for 2.5 months!!! I'm moving to Japan if this happens I get to go back to HEAVEN!!!

  17. russell schaeffler

    Hopefully the cases will keep lowering into the fall the Olympics can take place.
    I actually arrived on Saturday and went through all the hoops and now am I quarantine at my home in Higashiomiya.

    I also believe in the freedom of movement and also feel this current virus is being used to put stricter controls on people.

  18. Randall Billings

    Good information thank you for the update. I really want to come to Japan this spring or fall, fingers crossed.

  19. Sepricotaku

    I hope this stuff has blown over by October, I've been planning a trip for like 13 years could finally afford to do it and then all this stuff happened. Thanks for the update, you've been keeping me informed for quite some time now.

  20. Y 4235

    Thanks for uploading this video. I am trying to go to Tokyo to visit my father who is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I had to apply for visa since I am a US citizen. They did issue me visa, however the day I went to pick it up, Japan has extended the state of emergency. 30 minutes before I’ve arrived at the embassy to be exact! Unreal. They said my reason for wanting to leave on Feb 15 has to be something severe. Ok, do I need to wait til my father passed? My father’s conditions different everyday.
    I lost my mother this past July. I tried hard to make it there to see her before she passed but didn’t happen. I did, however go to attend funeral. I thought last year was strict but this year is a lot more strict! I am just so frustrated. I have a feeling they are going to extend another month. I know my people.
    Meanwhile, the embassy’s holding on to my passport. 🤷‍♀️

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