(Japan Travel Update) Osaka Major Cities by Walking, USJ, Osaka Station, Dotonbori, Shinsekai #287

Answering Questions that I have received about Travel and Japan Current Situation while I am waking and showing major cities of Osaka. Starting from Shinsekai Food Street (Tsutenkaku), Denden town (Anime, Game street), Dotonbori Namba Food Street, Osaka Station, and Universal Studios Japan. Unfortunately there are more cases in Osaka now. Hope you can see how the Osaka cities look like now though this video, and virtual travel there. (Most of the questions are answering in Dotonbori Food Street Area (around 4min30 sec), so if you want to get to the point please check there!)

Video timeline
0:00 Intro
0:13 Shinsekai Food Street (Tsutenkaku, Shinimamiya)
1:53 Denden Town Electric Street (Anime and Game Street)
2:55 Namba Station, Ebisubashi Street
4:22 Dotonbori Food Street
6:09 Osaka Station (Umeda Station)
11:54 Osaka Station to Universal Studios Japan
13:15 Universal Studios Japan
15:30 Try to Enter Nintendo Super Mario World
17:53 Night at Universal Studios Japan
19:13 Something Extra

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48 Replies to “(Japan Travel Update) Osaka Major Cities by Walking, USJ, Osaka Station, Dotonbori, Shinsekai #287”

  1. bhartha sarathi

    The place where I am going to spend my time for few years and enjoy. Japan , beautiful nation with beautiful people

  2. adelaChan

    It's great that you showed us hidden and small paths, it's very interesting! I gave you my subscription and I didn't skip the ads so that you could keep up making videos like this. Thank you very much for making this video!

  3. Ty Ty

    No worries, we coming! American Airlines and United ran a sale. We are just waiting on Japan to open it's borders! I've already booked a flight!

  4. Maria Simone

    I frequented Hozenji temple while I was an expat in Tokyo from the early 80's to early 2000. I used to travel by bullet train almost every week just to eat in Osaka. Denden st. was one of my fave area in Osaka. For my long years of working in all major cities of Japan, Osaka, Fukuoka and Kobe are my favorite places to go to on weekends and or holidays no matter where I was while I was in Japan and of course Tokyo Disneyland was often included in my itenerary. I missed the country than any other countries I traveled into. I am more at ease and felt at home. Seeing all the places that I used to walked to in this vid gives me a hope to be back after this pandemic ended.

  5. Minda Castro

    hi Ron. Thanks for the nice walk in Osaka. I think it's better to be kind-a quiet and less tourists right now…. for a change. So everyone can keep safe.
    Take care.

  6. Sarah Lee

    I wish for covid to disappear 😭 Our flight next week got cancelled i really miss Japan so much… Japan is my favorite country ❤️

  7. Clarence Phan

    Really want to know who is the idiot that created Covid 19 and kick their @ss…. Right now its still a mystery.

  8. Michael Benyamin

    Its so sad looking at the streets of Japan.. When i last visted those places, its packed with tourists… I REALLY hope it could go back to when it's used to.. AND i MISS USJ!!!!
    Thanks for the update..

  9. Tyrone Naylor

    I have travel there only once but Osaka left a very big impression on me and I really want to go back soon.

  10. Mayora

    I went there together with my 2 friends and we walked the whole stretch of Dotonbori and our feet hurts.. Hahaa. But we enjoyed a lot. We miss Osaka so much. Hope to be back there soon. 😊

  11. Choi

    I went to Shin-Imamiya for the 1st time 14 years ago, there are many cheap business hotel there. I did not notice Shinsekai was so close until 2013…during my second trip, I love the Showa era feeling…I remember going to Yodobashi Osaka because I lost a camera lens cap or lid when I was cycling during the Shimanami Kaido, it fell from my bag and it might had been lost into some field in Ehime prefecture,lol, so during my way back to Osaka the first thing I did after getting off the train was to replace my lens cap/lid

  12. Mustofa lion Piranha Kadrun

    Flawless wonderful incredible and Japan moral & Japan attitude very impressive mazing like attitude nihonggo mantappu moment Great pertahankan aku suuka

  13. Buderfly Lesley

    Thank you for your video. I really enjoyed it. Would love to vist there someday. Looks so beautiful. Hello from Canada 🙂

  14. SW L

    Japan is a beautiful country.
    But Don't dump radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.
    The Pacific Ocean is not a garbage dump for Japan.

  15. Tall Paul

    Was really hoping to visit in April this year to mark the anniversary of a family loss, but really hopeful for next year. Great video, thanks for bringing us all a little closer to Japan.

  16. kred159

    Just found your channel a few days ago and I'm really starting to like the energy in your videos. Definitely subscribing for more. I was also going to ask for suggestions on cool places to visit in Osaka with my friends after the travel ban is over, but then I saw the two playlists on your channel that I'm gonna start binging.

  17. Nice Simbulan Dawal

    Wish covid pandemic wll gone soon so me and my loved ones wll go in there,,, fr Philippines…🤗

  18. Wika Saputra

    I cant believe how empty the bridge in front of glico sign is.. it was the crowded place i always visit in japan.. but now kinda empty…hope this pandemic will be over soon… i miss japan so bad…

  19. CynicalCynosure

    Hi Rion! Can you buy Nintendo world tickets beforehand to get inside? Or it has to be in person at a specific time? ☹️

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