12 Course TEMPURA Dinner in Tokyo Japan!

I’ve tried a lot of tempura before having some in Japan and honestly they all sucked compared to what I had. The tempura dinner I had in the Giza area of Tokyo was incredible!

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Tempura Shinjuku Tsunahachi Ginza

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40 Replies to “12 Course TEMPURA Dinner in Tokyo Japan!”

  1. XeemNpisYus Lis

    Hi Mike, the peace of fish didn't melt in your mouth or evaporated. I took it from you. – The Flash

  2. Nosferdo Life

    If something tastes super fishy then it probably is not as fresh anymore or hasn't been kept cool the proper way. It's a sign that something is fishy about the fish… xD

  3. Tinesha L

    BBQ Eel tastes amazing in Jamaica, but somehow it tastes a lil bland to me when i get it in the states. I guess it is the seasoning.

  4. JP Source

    Thank you for always showing us something delicious and interesting. I would be interested for you to show us (you briefly had some choices presented to you in this tempura video): How many different types of salt does Japan have, what are the main ones used, and what do those different types of salt do to change the flavors throughout different places in the country?

  5. Keith Kristynik

    Mike, you are so cute. I love watching you describe food. Going to Japan next year if apocalypse ends. Definitely going here.

  6. Ellie W

    You ate Anago, not Unagi. They are two totally different fish and those are not the same “eel” that you had before. We don’t ever fry Unagi in tempura, as it would be extremely oily. We normally grill them over charcoals and baste some sauce and serve it with rice with teriyaki like sauce. Anago is what we use for frying. It’s a very lean type of fish.

  7. Eftujk Dttj

    على أطفالك وعلى شبابك وعلى أموالك وعلى أمم من مكة وعلى بيتك العتيق وعلى أطفالك

  8. Kal Taron

    Next time try ice cream tempura. One of the most interesting (in a good way) eating experiences I've ever had.
    And yead the difference in price and quality pretty much relate.

  9. hardy salim

    Of course it is…you know that thing you just ate worth 7560 yen? It's like eating half month of first jobbers salary in indonesia..personally i wont eat it even if i'm filthy rich…it really isn't worth it

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