Staying Overnight Inside Japan’s Largest Theme Park

Hotel Amsterdam is located inside Huis Ten Bosch, a theme park based on the Netherlands. This is the largest theme park in Japan.

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49 Replies to “Staying Overnight Inside Japan’s Largest Theme Park”

  1. Sacto1654

    The train at the beginning of the video isn't completely "old school." It has real air conditioning, something not common on that specific model of train set (JNR Class KiHa 40 series).

  2. waterfallsandrain

    A walk through of the lights would be nice, also some of the other features and shops in the park. Thank you!

  3. Emmanuel Grassi

    Thanks a lot for showing also a bit of the train ride, and yes please illumination and food that would be nice.
    We didn't have time to go there when we were in Nagasaki. Thanks for the video.

  4. Marian's Nook

    More HTB content please! So few vloggers cover this place, which is such a bummer since this is one of the top places I want to go to on my next trip back to Japan.

  5. LizInACan

    This was really neat! It's interesting to see how Japan still has some ties to the Dutch. Thank you for taking us around! I really liked the tulips. I have a neighbor that grows them every year and they always smell so good. My favorite flowers are daisies!

  6. Ulku The Great

    Thus us crazy 😀 I grew up in Holland and I'm fond of Japan so this combination just became a reality here 😀🗾

  7. kshin172

    I miss living in Sasebo. Admittedly I've only gone to Huis Ten Bosch a few times, but it's definitely nice. I like the illuminations in the winter, and I've been once in the summer for the fireworks.

  8. SydMint

    Thank you for the great video and for including the train ride 🙂
    The hotel and garden illuminations look beautiful, I hope you have an amazing time 🙂

  9. Charles W

    You’re so lucky to live in japan. I always thought of coming over and doing the whole teaching English thing but I realized I couldn’t bring my significant other because japan doesn’t recognize gay couples with visas sadly. I’ll live vicariously through you!

  10. Great- grandma Kirk

    Tulips and carnations are my very favorite flowers. I would love to see a walk through of the light show. I really love staying in beautiful hotels and do when ever I can. 💗Thank you ! This video was great.❤️ I need sugar in my tea😁

  11. Bryan Gibson

    From the US and this place is completely new to me, please do the illumination walk through, it looked great.

  12. Nathalie Posno

    I like how they really made it look like you're in the Netherlands. I only noticed 2 things.
    1: Did they call it Ten Bosch on purpose? I'm asking this because the city is called Den Bosch.
    2: I saw the crest of Amsterdam, but the lions had wings. Our lions don't have wings :D.
    Are you planning on coming to the Netherlands one day? We have really good streetfood here as well 😀
    Greetings from the Netherlands!!!

  13. MrBluePick

    I watch these videos purely to see if the toilet is ever normal. It never is, but I still enjoy the videos.

  14. Maffy Batungbacal

    Nice hotel! Lovely experiece!! My family and I spent a day in the park last Dec 2019 and we fell in love with it. It is like no other theme parks around.

  15. BuzzinsPetRock78

    It's funny how you put out this video on "liberation day". We celebrate this as it was the end of WW2 for us. It's a big party usually with lots of festivals.

    I loved the place next to 'schiphol' (our national airport) called "de kus'….no idea what it is, but it translate as 'the kiss' 😀

  16. Maria Guerra

    I just discovered your channel a few weeks ago and I must say I like how through and explorative your videos are and thanks for uploading these kinds of videos and keep up the good work.

  17. Erwin Chan

    Me: Awesome, a video about staying at Disney Sea!
    Me after reading the description: What the heck is Huis Ten Bosch???
    Me now: <looking up travel plans for Japan in the near future to visit this place>

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