Visiting a Traditional Japanese Town!🍡 KAWAGOE DAY TRIP

HENLO! I took a little day trip to a traditional Japanese town, Kawagoe! It’s a short day trip from Tokyo if you take the Tobu Tojo Line from Ikebukuro Station (only about 30 minutes if you take the express). We visited Taisho Roman Yume-dori, Kurazukuri no Machinami, Toki no Kane, ate at Torisei, then saw Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine, Shingashi Riverbank and Kashiya Yokocho (candy alley)! If you have suggestions for any other day trips in Japan let me know:) Also comment if you want more travel vlogs like this! KK LUV Y’ALL 5EVER XOXO

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13 Replies to “Visiting a Traditional Japanese Town!🍡 KAWAGOE DAY TRIP”

  1. André Spindola

    another great video! your vlogs are such a mood. this kind of travel vlog makes me want to visit japan even more. you go girl!!!

  2. T1meToScream

    I just found your channel recently and I’m already loving your vlogs! I’m usually shy about leaving comments but I had to let you know you’re hilarious girl and your videos are awesome! (Sorry if that sounds super cheesy. 😂)

  3. Subham

    woah the restaurant looks absolutely stunning….man only in japan u can see them…also why does Starbucks looks like that😂

  4. Kristen Chiu

    Ok my fave thing we ate in Japan was that tofu soft serve in Kyoto that you turn upside down and it doesn't fall out lmaooo

  5. Ana Maria JR

    I'm in love with your style❤️❤️🔥
    I'm Spanish and I'm trying to learn more English with your videos…apart from Japanese

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