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I’m BARBIE LOVER in West Hollywood, California!
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21 Replies to “QUARANTINE IN JAPAN DAY 5&6 [Season2 Episode7] JAPAN TRIP VLOG”

  1. Dr. Noelle & Assistant Brielle

    I also made the pink "beet" pancakes for my girls this morning and they loved it!~ So cool to sneak in the beets to make the pancake semi nutritious…. lol

  2. Dr. Noelle & Assistant Brielle

    We just came across your channel and absolutely LOVE all of the fun videos. My girls are big barbie fans and love everything pink. I was overcome with nostalgia when I saw your first video because I used to be a HUGE Hello Kitty fan. I am half japanese and am in my 40s and everything kitty chan makes my heart glow!~ Every time I go back to visit my mom in Kumamoto we bring back suitcases full of kitty chan and yummy food back to Texas!~ My girls are half Filipino and a quarter Japanese. After watching your videos I feel inspired to dye my hair pink. I am in my 40s but it is all good, right!~? We hope to buy one of your cute sweatshirts but we must figure out the sizing. I may get my 7 year old the XS to lounge around in since you don't have children's sizes. This channel brings so much joy to us!` Hopefully the girls and I can join in on a live session some time. Hugs, Nikki Ai

  3. Anastasia Chase

    Omg, barbie pez!!!🙈😍😍😍
    That crepe looked fantastic.💗 I love crepes soooo much!😋🤤🤤🤤💗

  4. Elizabeth Williams

    Hi Florida
    Love your Videos on YouTube and Instagram Videos Barbie dolls Collection's And DIY Video's 💖
    Azusa Barbie 🥰

  5. SOV JB

    You made me miss my mum. She used to make aduki burgers. They were yummy XXX I love your food vlog ❤️🥰❤️

  6. LavenderLushLuxury

    I want to build my Barbie collection, just likes yours…!!! You Have A, Great YouTube Channel Azusa Barbie

  7. EveLang1

    I LOVE seeing the view from your window there. Sadly though, Mt Juji seems shy again. Hopefully the glorious mountain will put in another appearance at some time while you're there. I so look forward to your vlogs. Thank you for posting these. They are much appreciated.

  8. beppin potato


  9. christina stalder

    If they would just make the little pez zipper candy pices by them self.. they’d look like Barbie hand soap. I thought that was so cute..

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