Vending Machines Japan (Haneda Airport Tokyo) + Planes & Trains Travel Vlog – Eric Meal Time #559

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Tokyo’s domestic Airport (Haneda Kuko) Terminal 2 is the Holy Grail for Vending Machines with scores of unique machines scattered everywhere. For this Trip, I flew from Tokyo to Sapporo on the north island of Hokkaido, Japan. Join me for a special planes & trains episode of snow country & tons of New Vending Machine Foods & other cool never seen before Machines & Items. We’re Fixin’ to Get Some~!
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45 Replies to “Vending Machines Japan (Haneda Airport Tokyo) + Planes & Trains Travel Vlog – Eric Meal Time #559”

  1. wilsonseto1

    well never thought i'd see a camera go through an xray machine, lactic butter just has bacteria cultures in it to make it a little flavorful like cheese

  2. GP

    Please do a video on the TV Dinners/Microwavable Meals & maybe frozen pizza and other easy to bake goods – im sure JP has some unique products!

  3. DID YOU SEE THAT ! by vfirehorse

    Thankyou loved this trip A wwin with the tiny car 🙂 hope the snow was grand m/ Cheers And Beers !

  4. Emmett Chantele Chartrand

    Lactic Butter has a very low moisture content and tangy flavour that many people prefer over cream butter. It is made from whole milk that has been mixed with lactic acid to trigger fermentation. … Most lactic butters are now produced using cream that is pasteurised, cooled, and mixed with lactic acid producing bacteria.

  5. Sapphire Sapphire

    I like that the machine made sure that the waffle became unstuck, ensuring that he gets what he pays for.

  6. Tri Ha

    Fanta grape is wonderfully delicious soda. However, you shouldn't pair it with those sweet pastries. Instead you should try it with salty or bitter snacks that would really bring out the sweetness. Get somes!

  7. Santoshouille

    Great ! Huge fan from Tunisia. I'm doing YouTube and all credit goes to you for your suggestions and feedback ! thank you Eric

  8. Brian, Sweeney

    Like the vending machines Eric ,is there such a thing about gluten free,no wheat, gluten,ect for people who suffer from coeliac disease

  9. Calligraphy

    I think the 'horse' on the dashi stock/Miso soup can could possibly be 'horse mackerel'?
    I could be wrong though I do know it's a variety of fish eaten in Japan
    So I think it's literally 'Horse Mackerel Broth/Stock' :>

  10. Matthew Hamilton

    Japan really has a nice choice of vending machines. I love that the airport had various foods and items from the different areas of Japan. Thanks Eric, for continuing to show the vending machines. Have a fun weekend and until next time take care.

  11. Madridsp31 1100111010011101

    Your next video should be vending machine snacks that go great with Japanese beer 🍺

  12. Madridsp31 1100111010011101

    Nice girly “news” magazine. That must be on of those good news magazines Lol 😂😊❤️

  13. steve m

    Btw keep your shirt on nobody wants to see that 😂 and stop being perverted no ones trying to get with your old ass 🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. TheWakatela

    Best video by far Eric. Your out and about and doing something different solo. And with vendi machines. Love it! Hope there’s a part Two to this. Thanks once again for having us seeing it thru your eyes. Really cool hombre.

  15. Im_Sleazy

    I don't watch anyone else on YouTube eat food asides from you, keep up the great content always enjoy your videos. Also that doesn't look like any news I've seen in Canada.

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