Exo cosmic railway live in japan Reaction

Exo is one of the best group around the world they voice is unbelievable and we love them. Specially baekhyun chen DO that we believe they are amazing. this video is their concert in japan and it’s awesome. Remember cosmic railway is a song that all of the members of exo even rappers sing on them as vocal.
اجرای زنده ی اکسو در ژاپن واقعا فوق العاده اس این گروه و اجرا. مگه میشه دوتا مودلاسیون تو اجرای زنده
داشته باشیم؟

Exo cosmic railway live in japan Reaction

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43 Replies to “Exo cosmic railway live in japan Reaction”

  1. Odali Oliver

    Hello guys: Thank you for your reactions to EXO. We are following them for four years and for my friends and me, they we number one, they are number one now and forever they will be the same because of their voices, the quality they have nobody has. They comment about a group that I will not mention but honestly, they stole from EXO a lot of things. I will leave you two songs:
    HD 141203 EXO D O Tell Me What Is Love @ MAMA 2014 in HongKong
    EXO – Promise @ EXO Planet #2 The EXO'luxion Seoul HD [english sub + roman + hangul]

  2. مــآرک اَڪِـرمَـن;;

    این اهنگ معرکس من طی این یک سال و نیم که از سن اکسوالیم میگذره نتونستم روش قفلی نزنم
    یکی این
    یکی پرامیس که برای اکسوالا زدن

  3. Elaine Lowe

    So happy to see your reaction to my favorite EXO song. It moves me to tears even when I don’t have the translation. What they do individually and as a group in this number is incredible. Happy to see you enjoy it too.

  4. baek hyune

    حاجی جان مطمئنم همه اینو میگن .. چرا خب فقط گوش نمیکنین و ری اکت برید .. مطمئنم الان اگه کامنتا رو بخونی تو هر کدوم نوشته paper cuts :cbx لطفا .. لایو برید خیلی خوبه

  5. Maryam Shams

    vav : senorita , thrilla killa
    Nct U : from home , 90's love
    Nct dream : ridin' , boom
    Apink : Luv , Mr.chu , I'm so sick , Dhumdurum

  6. breeze_nssm

    In track ye track e Japonie o korei nist. daghighan hamuntor k amin goft manie sheresham kheili ghahshage

  7. shahrzad imani

    این برنامه درواقع فن میتینگ بود برای اکسوالای ژاپنی، ولی چندتا اجرا به زبان ژاپنی هم داشتن. لینک اجرای کازمیک ریل وی تو کنسرت ژاپن اینه:

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