Exploring Future Japan's First Casino Island and 2025 Osaka Expo , Maishima #290

Maishima is an artificial island located in Osaka, right next to Universal Studios Japan. This place will hold 2025 Osaka Expo, and IR resort (Casino and Hotels) in the future.(Maishima and Yumeshima) Now it’s a popular place for nemophila and Tulip beside the Osaka bay. Also in the island, there are Osaka Evessa professional basketball stadium, baseball stadium, really unique Osaka garbage incineration plant, and nature hotels and BBQ spots with play ground.
It’s a really fun place to explore, so let’s explore the island with me!
Hope you enjoy virtual travel there though this video😊

Location info: Maishima Seaside Park (Nemophila place) :

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Video timeline
0:00 Intro
0:12 Maishima by Motorbike
3:30 Hotel Lodge Maishima
6:59 Nemophila and Maishima Sign
10:01 Eating Stick Onigiri at Observatory
13:55 Sunset Time laps
15:08 Something Extra

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26 Replies to “Exploring Future Japan's First Casino Island and 2025 Osaka Expo , Maishima #290”

  1. The Global Citizenship

    This is an awesome guide and short video. Thank you for sharing. Worthy and edifying content!

    TGC Marvin

  2. Hassan mohammad Shakib

    japanese are still struggling with L and R
    rion still struggle with (L) andら
    don't take it seriously bro big fan

  3. Andrew Weiss

    Thanks for taking us to this cool place. It’s so great to experience the out of the way places in Osaka. I also liked the POV shots from your motorbike. I hope you do more of that or even do it form a bicycle. The expo in 2025 sounds interesting. Maybe I will check it out. Keep the great videos coming!!

  4. Branden I

    So funny, I watched this video yesterday. I just went to the store to get an energy drink and saw the same kiwi monster from the video. I tried it. It was sweet. Hope to visit Japan again soon. For sure planning to go to EXPO 2025 Osaka.

  5. Victor Leung

    Yes Rion, hope you get a sponsor in the future. 😂😄 Your channel is growing fast these days~ That's awesome.

  6. Leina Comeau

    Wooow Maishima is perfect. ☀️ All your videos are amazing! Thank you for all your hard work and all the videos 👍 がんばってね~!!

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