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  1. Ink Sans AU AU AU


  2. jaimax proyectos

    se ve rico, es la version peruana del ceviche; pescado cocido con limon, sal, aji. Listo! Hay versiones con tomate y otras cosas mas pero no es de mi agrado aunque cada quien con su gusto. Saludos!!

  3. Rich Tygart

    Okay, I just asked my Thai wife here in Thailand why I have never seen those fish and she told me that they are an alien species. She said they call them Amazon snakehead fish. They were imported.

  4. Rich Tygart

    I've lived in Thailand for 16 years in the north south east and west and I've never seen one of those fish, not even for sale in the market.

  5. 유태화

    비늘이 얼마나 강철이기에 장두리로 제거하나 목을 자르것도 무섭다 식욕이 싹 달아난다

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