Marvel comic pros prepare for unemployment! Japanese manga officially DOMINATES top 20 books!

Some surprising sales numbers are in for comic book sales from April 2021, and it’s embarrassing for DC Comics and Marvel Comics. For the first time ever, the top 20 of graphic novel sales are all Japanese manga.

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36 Replies to “Marvel comic pros prepare for unemployment! Japanese manga officially DOMINATES top 20 books!”

  1. Deeman Dude

    The biggest insult is that My Hero Academia's author is heavily inspired by American superhero comics. His homage to classic comics is outperforming the present day comic books.

  2. Zat Zarat

    well i know what their solution is going to be…
    they will demand that manga or any non American content is banned of the count for those sites

  3. mrsanatra1

    I keep saying it, american comic book companies will come to a point of no return and at that moment they will start doing things we never dream such as hiring indie writers, social media artist, youtubers will get ''secret calls'' and payments to talk well about the products. Im not crazy, just watch

  4. Milomondo

    Go ahead and make a NEW character that is all kind of inlusive, but please know how not to make that into the character's whole identity.

  5. Swen

    I see "voices" on something and I nope out faster than if it had "written by JJ Abrams" on it.

    "Voices" is a buzzword for "diversity-hired beginner".

  6. yohannbiimu

    (P)resident, former-Vice President Creepy Joe wants to "build the economy" the same way that the American comic book industry is destroying American comic books–from the bottom-up. He's going to fail too.

  7. Travis Hartman

    The American comic book industry is an absolute joke, and I can't wait for the day when Marvel and DC publishing totally collapse. The blue ticks on Twitter don't buy this stuff, but the blue ticks don't buy ANYTHING, and the real fans who have propped these companies up over the past couple of decades are fed up and are saying no more. I was in Forbidden Planet over here in London two weekends ago. The toy and merch area was packed and the Manga area was heaving, but the American graphic novel section and new comic book section were ghost towns. Nobody was buying.

  8. The Plague Doctor

    Yellow Flash: they don’t want to have to sell any comic books.
    Everyone: Don’t worry about it. They’re not selling any comic books.

    I haven’t bought any Marvel comics except the New Mutants Demon Bear trade in over ten years.

  9. Lord Orion

    Looking at the top 20 list, good God publisher Viz Media raking in the cash hand over fist with 19 of the spots.

  10. Azunami

    Get woke, go broke. Love to see it, but who am I kidding… These SJWs won't change, and will continue to ruin everything they come across. The damage is already done. ☹️

  11. otha cindy

    I am a t and I get off brand comics like from Kickstarter last one I got was the penny for your soul. Although I buy tpb now. Since I'm not really doing it to be a collector but I do have a few that collect. Like Futurama. I'm missing like around 10 of them. Ill get there

  12. Garviel Loken

    Where should I start my Manga collection? I have a Usagi Yojimbo collection. Where should I go from there?

  13. TheEvertw

    Go Woke, Go Broke!
    You'd have thought that they'd get the message by now.
    Customer don't give sh*t about your political virtue signalling.

  14. Takara Hayashi

    it wont be till the industry collapse is when they realize that the "representation" people aren't consumers, they're just attention whores.

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