28 Replies to “New York City Food – JAPANESE COLD CRABS Park Asia Brooklyn Seafood NYC”

  1. Winston Wong

    Japanese (?) … only in NYC. This is Chinese fusion using Pacific Dungeness crabs. Eggplant/fried tofu in a sweet sauce. The only thing Japanese is the custard. The cold water bath helps the meat shrink and not stick to the shell. Live boiling is the way to cook these wonderful crabs. All those people that think it’s cruel should go back to McDonald’s. The mustard is the best part. Probably looking at $150 dinner.

  2. Hector Chavez

    The so called center piece on 14 min… What an embarrassment .. Looks like toddler made that..now that I finished the whole set up.. Its even more embarrassing..!!. Am I the only one.!! ??? Looks like the "chef" stuck two roses into some play doe! Everything looks great other than the center piece!!..


    People like you whom Don't know what to eat and how to eat only think but thosent know crabs have been in that box for 2 weeks nothing to eat and in their own screments you have to have a fresh cough 🦀 no a starving animal but we so dome people we don't even know how to eat

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