My Favorite Japanese-style Potato Salad – Great for cleaning out your fridge!

This video is sponsored. Thank you, Hellmann’s! This is my go-to favoritist potato salad. Not only is it delicious and easy to make, but it’s perfect for using up those scraps in your refrigerator. It’s my take on Japanese-style potato salad.
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Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake:

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Music courtesy of and ‘Sprightly’ from iMovie. You’ve made it to the end – welcome! Comment: “Oh, potato!”

44 Replies to “My Favorite Japanese-style Potato Salad – Great for cleaning out your fridge!”

  1. Ben Matterson

    I don't know if it makes any difference, but I just gave Unilever, parent company of Hellman's/Best Foods, glowing feedback on their web page complimenting them on sponsoring you. (And also saying nice things about Best Foods, which I use all the time.) Wait… oh, well, you have two and a half million subscribers! You don't need my voice. 😉

  2. Sarah pauline

    I think potato salad is one of those dishes where everyone has a favorite version. My personal favorite is yellow potatoes, zesty italian dressing, carrot, green pepper, onion, mayo, garlic, pepper, hard boiled egg, dijon mustard and horse radish. Delicious.

  3. Christopher Thompson

    LOL Icompletely missed her saying it was sponsored. I’m thinking, “.I like Hellman’s but that’s a BIG A** jar!

  4. MysticDesertBreeze

    We are a Japanese family that uses Best Foods/Hellmanns for our potato salad too!

    For those who don't like potatoes or want to try a different version with the same flavor, use all the same ingredients but instead of potatoes, make pasta salad with boiled macaroni or cavatappi 😁

  5. NYBEAST360

    Excellent homemade potato salad. I need to try this, as a side to a nice rib-eye steak. Now we are YouTube family.

  6. Dolly Bear

    They say that the best way to have monetized videos is to have your video over 20 minutes I just heard another YouTube say he's missing out on lots of money because he was making his videos too short I just thought I'd let you know

  7. zico koji


  8. Fandom Misery

    I made this for my family and it was delicious! I added some apple to it and it was amazing!! Thank you for the recipe!

  9. Roxa S

    Years ago, when I was a single mom, I used to make something, delicious, out of nothing😄. Love watching you create. ❤️

  10. Nikki Richards

    This reminds me more of a holiday leftover saladish thing.. I could see if go better with a pasta type of salad, thats just me tho.. I'll probably try it as I mix my food together anyways

  11. Morrius07

    I like Hellmann's in certain things but for me it's too eggy, usually I want the creaminess but not the intense egg flavor so I prefer basic Kraft Mayo for most dishes.

  12. laura gremaud

    Never knew that about the name. I remember going to Ralph’s when I lived in Los Angeles and thinking Best Foods Mayo was ripping off Hellmann’s logo. Hahaha. I’m originally from the MidWest. Hellmann’s : Bring out the Best.

  13. Jay El

    I accidentally made a version of this once when I was making normal potato salad and overcooked my potatoes- it was lovely!

    I love stuff like this because it's so easy to make it vegan by just changing the mayo.

  14. Robert Gervais

    Emmy, I have to say you are always a ray of sunshine. Love your content, love the way you present it. Keep up the great work and be safe.

  15. abcdeisthekey PlayStation/PC

    The potato salad I eat is completely mashed and I'm American. So idk what you mean by chunky potato salad

  16. mariano colsin

    my mom always did this but instead she used rice, After every christmas we had all these leftovers and to not waste anything she made that salad. It was always tasted wonderfull and everyone was diferent: one year it had jam, the other year it had roasted pork. it was wonderfull.

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