Trip/Japanese Silk (Music Video) – L.A. VanGogh

Trip & Japanese Silk From L.A. VanGogh’s album “SHPESHFTR VOL. 1: A FORCE OF GRAVITY”

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Directed by Oriane Playner
Concept: L.A. VanGogh & Oriane Playner
Storyboarding: Oriane Playner
Assistant Director: Jena Snelling
DP: Max J Moore
Gaffers: Alec Basse & Joseph Nilson
Editor/Colorist: L.A. VanGogh
Cast: L.A. VanGogh, Manasseh Croft, Brandon Cameron, Michael Robinson, Ty Riggs, Mac Wallach, Bella BAHHS, Amanda How

F.O.G. Entertainment LLC
Copyright owned by Lamont Anderson LLC

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