What's your real reason for learning a language

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This is your Japanese Monthly Review, in this video we will tell you how to adjust your routine and learn a language from home! Also you will discover what are the resources you can get for free on JapanesePod101.com this month!
Whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced learner, this video is made for you as we give you the best learning tips and strategies. This is THE place to start if you want to start or improve your Japanese learning strategy.

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21 Replies to “What's your real reason for learning a language”

  1. Ayush Sachdeva

    my reason is anime. I want to watch anime and read manga in Japanese and i think many of your student's have same reason

  2. Garrett Brown

    I have several reasons why I want to learn the language, but I can’t think of all of them off the top of my head. The best one that comes to mind is that I’m fascinated with the language and the culture. Japanese is a really beautiful language. I also have the desire to start translating games, shows, and other things like that. Growing up, there was a lot of content I simply could not access because of the language barrier, and I don't want anyone having to deal with that too.

  3. Bon Soir

    Everyone ever :I just… wanna learn the culture, see the cherry blossoms, and appreciate new things y'know?
    Actual reasons: a n i m e , f o o d , J a p a n e s e w a i f u , o n s e n

  4. RaNee Rah

    Wanted to learn Japanese because of, you guess it right, anime and travel. Ended up going on for my own personal growth and future asset.

  5. さとひかる

    My motivation was I have japanese friend and everyday she teaches me so I get determined to learn japanese language

  6. I Play Games

    I had the definition for extrinsic vs intrinsic motivation all wrong. whoops. I'm glad this video cleared that up. it makes a lot of sense

  7. Sunny Subhash

    The reason I am learning japanese is I want to settle in Japan because I like their tradition I like their people kindness and more finally I just love japan

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