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49 Replies to “What worries the JAPANESE about dating FILIPINOS!? ARE THEIR REASONS VALID? HONEST REACTION”

  1. Buena Acero

    Philippines supplies bananas from Davao super sweet to Japan,
    I agree when it comes to dislike being loud I also don't like that kind of people, and yes some arrogant people don't follow the line…..

  2. Marites Cabugsac

    Filipino are easy to adopt other culture bcoz of our friendly manners😀and we are not boring as a saying HAPPY LANG😂😂😂

  3. Collottee39

    Filipinos are joyful people…. We can't resist for being loud, honestly im too loud esp when im with friends…hhhaha

  4. Oru Universe

    Because Filipinos are very expressive. They say what they wanted to say. Even my whole neighbour is very loud. Specially my land lady shes like a rooster in the morning 😂😂😂

  5. Neil Palingcod

    There are lots of Japanese that can speak Filipino Language and Filipino that can speak Japanese. They are a good brother of Philippines. They really want to preserve their culture and we Filipinos respect that because when they are here also in Philippines they also respect Filipino cultures.

  6. Doflamingo Third

    Respect? They made the Filipino woman a whore when they colonized the phillipines and they were called COMFORT WOMAN!!

  7. Maricar Decem

    Filipino are Full of Happiness.🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 That feelings can't buy..wahahha

  8. Ful Dark

    Philippines export the best tropical fruits around Asia i think the number one is Banana and Pineapple and mangoes, coconut etc.

  9. Country Style

    im Filipino and i would love to date or marry a Japanese girl, they're cute, clean and very disciplined

    i love Japanese Culture, specially their discipline and manners

    and i also love their Anime and Mangas

  10. rogel de vera

    aside from our mangoes, japanese and koreans also love our bananas, maybe because of the peculiar sweet taste in them.

  11. Ase James Hastly

    7:57 I myself respect queues… I don't know about others though….

    8:51 most bananas that comes to japan came from the Philippines…

    9:34 yeah, but it makes more sense if you're staying for instance in japan, to learn their native tongue than to force them to learn other language in their own country… Idk if what I said made any sense at all.. lol

    10:56 we (filipinos) export bananas, mangoes, and coconuts

  12. Gemini

    Philippines is the major exporter of the most wonderful bananas to Japan and China. Most Asian countries preferred that the foreigner s would learn their language than them have to do adjustments. Only Filipinos in general are willing to learn other language wherever the country they went to and Filipinos easily adjust to a country's culture and language.

  13. Folks D'TV

    Because Filipino people to much bungangera at prudocto nga Chismosa at chismoso engetera nag laganap I’m OFW my self minsan nmn tlga kc May mga Pinoy pag nasa public place lalo n mga OFW akala mo nasa bangketa ang iingay nakakairita minsan sa totoo lng. Pag sinita ng ibang lahi sasabihin racis n ung sumita sakanila. Accept the fact n mga pinoy maattitude know ur limit lalo n mga OFW

  14. amor marson

    don't wory about the language. i study speaking nihonggo because i want to work in japan and i want to marry Japanese woman. i am from the Philippines 🇵🇭🇯🇵

  15. Luvin Perez

    Most of my filipino friends works in Japan can now speak japanese, because they can adapt easily specially japanese culture "RESPECT/MANNERS"

  16. Bambi Penny

    I was in Japan with friends and it’s true we were loud 😂 can’t help it man we were excited and we had many stupid moments😂

  17. Joanna Jaug

    This is purely my opinion but I think when they have mentioned about manners and loud music, I think they are referencing loud music in public and not so much like in Karaoke places/bars. I think most people (and not just Filipinos) tend to listen with their music in their cars pretty loud. And as far manners are concerned, I think they meant to be respectful, not litter, things like that. As far as having a relationship with different ethnic background, I personally do not mind; to each his/her own, you know. I cannot handle long distance relationship though; been there, done that and don't really want to do it again. I prefer to have them close to me. And I do not mind learning different language(s). In fact, I am thinking of learning Korean and Japanese; but if you are going to stay in a different country, say Japan, then you need to learn how to speak, write and read Japanese. So there you have it. Thanks Ovela for this reaction/video. Love watching your reaction segments.

  18. JL Sejas

    Japanese deeply rooted from their culture that os the reason why they always say "Language" and "Japanese manner." In fact, they also want to preserve that culture because of that is their identity and that's why they don't prefer (in general) foreign partner. Moreover, banana is the most abundant fruit in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines. We exported it to neighboring countries (Japan, South Korea, China and such) including mangoes, pineapples and more.

  19. Naia Polancos

    He said naruhodo it means " ah, I see".
    And Hai, Hai means " yes, yes".
    And regarding bananas it because # 1 exporter their bananas is from Philippines

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