Railway Empire – Japan DLC – Northern Honshu – Trainiac – Very Hard – Part One

We take on the Northern Honshu scenario from the newly released Japan DLC in trainiac mode with competition set to Very Hard. By request, we are playing as The Gangster. This video should help you get through the first two sets of tasks in good shape.

28 Replies to “Railway Empire – Japan DLC – Northern Honshu – Trainiac – Very Hard – Part One”

  1. NIgel Tinsley

    Another brilliant job doing the railway empire again 👍👍👍 good to have you back doing them m8 😎😎😎😎

  2. Project100

    It's really not encouraging that so many people are reporting issues with this DLC. It seems that some are even having troubles with older DLC/content even if they haven't purchased the Japan DLC. Hopefully, Kalypso will get it sorted quickly.

  3. Gary Dangerfield

    Great to see another video from you! I tried this a few times before I got through the first stage, but it was by the skin of my teeth. So thanks for the strategy which I shall try on a new run through. Looking forward to the next video installment!

    I think there are some bugs in this update though – I've had trouble with deleting small bits of track and have seen some of the comments on Steam. I'm sure they'll be sorted in time. Great to see some more DLC from Kalypso – but always love your videos on RE!

  4. forderschinken

    Hahaha, i played that first scenario, but didn't make it to president. Was asking myself how long it will take till you make a video @Adekyn. Really nice to hear your voice again so soon 😉

    I had a bug since the update i never had before. Some trains (automatic trains) won't unload at cities. It says "Unloading" but they just block the line. And yes their pathways are fine. only solution was to route this to second station (was possible in my situations). Did you experience something similiar?

  5. Brent

    Was waiting patiently for you when I heard this was coming out with an update. You’ve spoiled me when it comes to Railway Empire content. You’re our go to guy.

  6. Leonidas Savalas

    Put the cone in the river and you wont get 20% grades. You're cone is too close to the bank. You could always just cross with no bridge… ; )

  7. Srinivasan Iyer

    hi adekyn i had sent mail to game support team to add parallel of four track tunnel & bridge's and double track diamond crossing to make track layout better. Hope RE community also feels need to this update

  8. Andreas Larsson

    That bypass at Tokyo likely failed because of the signal that was too close to the 2nd rail. I've had it happen to me in similar situations

  9. The Wizard Games

    Maybe they should ad a Russia dlc where you have to make the trans Siberian railroad, and then bolster it due to the invasion by Germany or something

  10. Wyatt Wilson

    I got up to the last task which was boost Tokyo bay area to 800,000 inhabits with only 2 years to get it done and failed

  11. Conor Greenan

    I just heard about the update and check your channel and see you uploaded a video 30 seconds ago, my luck! Thanks for the video.

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