I Met A Japanese Girl Drifter At An Underground Car Meet In Japan

In this episode, I met a Japanese girl drifter at an underground car meet who drives an S13 Nissan Silvia.

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36 Replies to “I Met A Japanese Girl Drifter At An Underground Car Meet In Japan”

  1. 50ulEat3r

    How do all these young adults have such expensive cool cars? Whats their job? Or is is all their daddies money while they spend the whole day loitering in parking lots

  2. Terrence Saxon

    Lol my dude you don’t have explain yourself or apologize. It’s cool and fun to see you introduce fellow car enthusiasts. Keep up the good work 🤘

  3. Andre Mendes Reis

    I may own one day an electric car, but today i own 2 Rx8´s and i will keep them until i get old and when i go for a ride on it will be the most wonderful feeling listening to that reving engine. One day i went to a place called Cabo da Roca in Portugal, i passed by a village called Colares, there was this boy near the road waiting the cars to pass so he could cross the street, and when he saw me he opened his eyes and said "That´s an RX8!!" i was like wow a 15y.o kid recognizing an rx8 (it doesnt have a any badge so you have to really know it since they are very rare in Portugal) it warmed up my hearth. Wonderful moment and light up the faith that at least that 15 y.o kiddo will keep the flame burning for a few more years!

  4. Unmei

    Hearing your voice-over at the end about how this might be the last era of car culture in Japan made me realize that it's going to be a really sad day when there's only a couple of people meeting at Daikoku PA.

  5. andy laster

    Doubt anyone will see this, but thought it was awesome when she pulled up ig @29:45 and said she really liked this guy's car. The guy and ig in question is @ dmiles_gmp. He's localish to me down in Atlanta. I reached out to him and told him about this video and we both thought it was so cool to see his videos circulating world wide. Go give him a follow!

  6. Bob Himself

    If only we had girls like this in America. Most girls in the states drive janky ass cars and don’t know anything about cars or car culture. Why did it ever become some kind of trend for people to drive shitty cars ? How could someone be so dull
    and boring to just not care what they drive ?

  7. Lazee Turtlee

    Just found your channel but I’d like to see more car meets like this. Not even just interviewing car girls but just what happens at the meets, the vibe, etc

  8. Daniel Brady

    That's it I am moving to Japan. I don't speak Japanese but fuk it theres an app for that. The car culture is insane. Here in America it's just a bunch of wanna be thugs and try hards.

  9. Sara Nguyen

    Chanmizu is such a charming and lovely girl! It was fun watching her have a blast despite her car breaking down. I hope we get to see her again and get an update on her S13!

  10. Nexus Yang

    This was a GREAT episode. Kinda crazy how she had to go home and make her bf food… some parts of japan hasn’t changed.

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