[Spring 2021 Japan travel vlog] Explore Ibaraki Part 1: Hitachi Seaside Park🌼Nemophila

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This video is Part 1 of my day trip to Ibaraki prefecture during the Golden week holidays. My must-go place is definitely Hitachi Seaside Park to see the famous nemophila flower that is only available between late April to early May. It will be a walkthrough video showing you the place around the park. Hope you will like it. Please enjoy. 🌼🌤🌱😘
今年のゴールデンウイークの前半は茨城県の国営ひたち海浜公園に行ってきました!なぜならネモフィラの時期ですね!今回天気が良くて青空とふわふわの雲の下に満開の青色の小花がいて、まさにオールブルー(All blue)ですね!めっちゃくちゃ綺麗なので、ぜひついてください!

00:00:00 Opening
00:00:10 Train ride to Katsuta Station
00:01:22 Take shuttle bus ride to Hitachi Seaside Park
00:02:13 Arrive at main entrance
00:03:26 Intro to the park
00:07:58 Enter Miharashi Hill – Nemophila Zone
00:10:38 First rest hill
00:12:26 View from the 2nd hill top
00:13:57 Ice Cream time
00:16:44 Grassland Area
00:18:13 Pleasure Garden Area
00:23:22 Conclusion
00:24:55 Part 2 Preview

Places that Yan visited
国営 ひたち海浜公園
Hitachi Kaihinkoen (Seaside Park)

Singaporean traveling in Japan
travel journal
solo travel vlog
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茨城観光 茨城旅行 日本

Filmed with dji POCKET 2

Music Credit
Music by Fiji Blue – Outside –
Music by Lukey – Darling –
Music by andreas owens – not much (better than before) –
Music by Fiji Blue – It Takes Two –
Music by Juju B. Goode – Rainbow (Freestyle) –
Music by Juju B. Goode – Time Machine –
Music by The Millennial Club – feel the same –
Music by Icarus Moth & Wit Blu – Perfect Outfit –

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  1. The 1986 Club : Yan's TV

    Hey everyone, I made a timeline breakdown, so you can skip to the parts that you might really wanna see, but please do see it all.
    I will try to add it from now onwards for the coming videos. 😆😘😊 Thanks

  2. シュシュっとチャンネル




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