5 simple compliment Japanese words which you can use during Japan travel (+ Osaka accent) !! #152

Hello, my name is Rion, I was born and raised in Osaka, Japan!
In this video, I am teaching 5 compliment words which make Japanese happy with commedy skit!

Those words you can use it during your travel when you communicate with Japanese!!
Those are really simple words, so even you have never learned Japanese, it is easy to remember it!

Here are the words which I teach in the video!
1. Kawaii (Cute)
2. Oishii (Tasty )
3, Kakkoii (Cool)
4. Tensai (Genius)
5. Eeyan, Sore (sounds good, Osaka accent)
* iine Sore!! (sounds good, Tokyo accent)

Hope this video can help your Japan travel ^^
I have many other videos which can help your travels!

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22 Replies to “5 simple compliment Japanese words which you can use during Japan travel (+ Osaka accent) !! #152”

  1. Rion Ishida

    *Sorry for the misspelling in the video Doble →Double😅
    My first try to make this kind of video!!
    Hope you guys like it😂 
    Your comment is my motivation for the next video 🤣
    Thank you very much😆 Arigato ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ

  2. EXXON

    Sai ko. I learn by heart. 最高。 example, i watch you drink macdonald cherry drink n eat shakashaka fries, with tori beef burger. Hahaha

  3. EXXON

    Tiger?? Haha, oh i thought is the toy lion. Love it.
    Kawaaaaaaaaiiiiiii 🤣 over react.
    Oishi !!! 😛 must have feeling?
    Can i eat pikachiu
    Kakkoii 😎 awesome
    Tensai. 😃😇fake sushi?? Haha
    Eeyan . Sore…. yeah 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Thanl you sensei rion

  4. caraMEL

    I loved this! ❤️ thank you for teaching us! Will definitely use this when we travel to Japan 🇯🇵 ☺️

  5. Sakura

    Tiger, Tiger where are you?
    Come over here… Please 🤓 you are :
    Kawaiiii, as always 🥰
    Oishii, meccha meccha 😋
    Kakkoii, really 😎
    Tensai, un doubtfully 👨‍🎓
    Eeyan.sore,endlessly ✨
    GAOOOO 🦁😆


    Super funny video Rion-san!!!>_< Tiger and Raichu are funny! Maybe next time Tiger be like "Alale I teach you English"  But I'm not sure if the "double take" part was serious or a joke >_< Gambatte Thank you Rion-san!

  7. Amy Abay

    rion you are so ka-wa-iiii… please teach us what to say when we get lost in subways… i underestimated how far you have to walk from one station to another in transfering subway lines, thought it was like singapore when you just change basement levels. when you are alone and can't speak japanese except arigato gozaimasu you'll find yourself in a difficult situation, i think it was in going to iidabashi subway transfer, been following the arrows still not getting there so i approached a passing train assistant an elderly guy and asked in english and pointing to my map, he knows im a foreigner so he didnt speak japanese but sort of like audible grunts sound "uh hu hu uh…" then pointing two straights left straight right right with his hand, surprisingly i understood it all 😆 and one time you have to walk far and pass another building thought i was lost i think it was going to hibiya station forgot about it, i just stood on the side sizing passers by waiting on whom to ask, a japanese guy in a suit cant speak english so i waited for another and still cant speak english and waited until an indian woman pass by so for sure she knows english so she gave me directions to just keep walking..

  8. Ickis Cat

    I used my very basic Japanese with a taxi driver in Osaka and he asked if I had learnt especially for my trip. I replied hai, so that I could show respect and politeness to people I met. He was amazed and thanked me. It's just basic manners.

  9. Iskandar Omar

    Rion the lion, When I want to flirting with japenese woman, I think I will use words 'KAWAI'….HAHAHAHA😉

  10. Mitchell M

    going to tell my best friend in the world Tina
    to watch your videos Rion
    especially this one
    she is always saying the word 'cool'
    i hope me & her can come to japan together
    later this year
    i'm always telling her how nice it is here

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