Japan is well known as a tourist destination for its beautiful and Cherry Blossoms or Sakura . Cherry Blossoms is a much awaited most awaited during Spring Season inJapan. People all over Japan and people around the world are looking forward to see and witness the Cherry Blossoms or Sakura for its considered a symbol of beauty,renewal and vitality.There a lot of Cherry Blossoms tourist Spot destination in Japan in different Prefectures like Tokyo,Kyoto,Osaka,Hokkaido and many more. For today’s vlog We are going to Okinawa Japan and I’m going to share with you the two unique and special about the Cherry Blossoms of Okinawa Japan.The first one is that The Cherry Blossoms in Okinawa is the first and the earliest to bloom in Japan.The warm climate of Okinawa allows the Cherry Blossoms flowers Bloom in January.Also another unique qualities of the Cherry Blossoms in Okinawa is the appearance and its color. The flower petals are dark pink in color and have a sturdy bell like shape and hang down from the tree. The beautiful bold and stunning color of dark pink shade of Cherry Blossoms in Okinawa stand out from its trees that captivates all the tourist and visitors of Okinawa who would like to witness its beauty.Come and join me as we travel to Okinawa and I will be sharing to you the Top 5 Travel Tips and Guide for Sakura Cherry Blossoms Sightseeing in Okinawa, Japan. This travel vlog is helpful for all the tourist and first time travelers who would like to experience the Sakura Cherry Blossoms in Okinawa Japan. Also, I will give you a detailed information on WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO TRAVEL TO OKINAWA FOR CHERRY BLOSSOMS, MUST VISIT PLACES OR TOP TOURIST SPOTS FOR CHERRY BLOSSOM SIGHTSEEING AND VIEWING IN OKINAWA,JAPAN. The Best food to try in Okinawa Japan like the famous Okinawa Soba, Okinawa Taco Rice, Takoyaki and the famous drink of Starbucks Sakura Series where I bought a limited edition Sakura tumbler and bought a hot drink called Strawberry Sakura Pink Milk Latte that is worth it to try. And finally, I include in this travels vlog THE BASIC JAPANESE GREETINGS or HELPFUL WORDS FOR TOURIST OR FIRST TIME TRAVELS IN JAPAN. Subscribe to my channel @Froggy Bear Travels for more travel and helpful travel vlogs.. Like and hit that notification bell for more travel vlogs that I will be featuring soon in Japan. #sakurainjapan #cherryblossomsinokinawa #cherryblossomsinjapan #japan #okinawa #sakurainokinawa #touristspotinokinawa #cherryblossomsinokinawa #placestovisitinokinawa #froggybeartravels


  1. Pobre Ko

    Ganda naman ng mga cherry blossoms jan host . Ingat po kayu jan sa japan. Maganda yan pagka tapos mamasyal sa cherry farm kain

  2. Mudra Mhie

    Inisip NASA japan AKO kc Ang galing mong mg guide..Ng enjoy AKO sa pamamasyal, thanks for sharing this my friend I'm enjoy watching n mamasyal hehehe INGAT ka LAGI dyan God bless kaibigan

  3. Mr. Romantico2

    Ang ganda host ng Sakura……
    Watching po here till the end..Harang pa…Ingat po lagi ma'am..
    Naku po host gusto ko po talaga ang Soba sarap niyan..🌹

  4. Medina's Vlog

    Tamsak host.. wow its a lovely places to go to in Japan, and the food is mouthwatering… Thanks for sharing…

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