#4K #Grey Heron #Sea Birds #Japan

#4K #Grey Heron #Sea Birds #Japan
Hello everyone!
Welcome to my channel Lak Leakhena, Life and Learn in Japan.
In this Channel you will see,
a simple life in Japan, Trip, Japanese culture, Technology, people,
including an English and a Japanese subtitle.
especially, you can listen to Cambodian| Japanese |English Languages as my descriptions in each video.
In a coming year 2021.
I wish you safety and a happiness in your whole family.

Learn Japanese and Cambodian languages
-Learn in Japanese languages
-Learn in Cambodian languages
-Learn in English languages
-Learn Japanese culture and history
-Learn philosophy in Japanese| Cambodian| English
-Learn and experience in Japan
-Trip anywhere in Japan
-Cooking Cambodian foods
-Fruits in Japan
-Vegetable in Japan
-Technology in Japan
-Japanese products
-Buying grocery in Japan
-island trip in Japan
-traffic law in Japan
-Driving in Japan
-Japanese restaurant
-Japanese |Cambodian foods
-Japanese life style

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