Taiwanese Street Food – Japanese Pancake DORAYAKI Jiggly Fluffy Cake

Taiwanese Street Food – Japanese Pancake DORAYAKI Jiggly Fluffy Cake
台灣街頭美食 – 日式銅鑼燒製作

Dorayaki is one of the Japanese pancakes(Jiggly fluffy cakes).
It is a red-bean pancake which consists of two small pancake made from castella wrapped around a filling of sweet red bean paste.
This yummy bun is DORAEMON’s favorite.

*** Pricing / Location ***
$0.7 USD / Each
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Taichung City, Taiwan


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  1. chen貓歌


  2. Everyday Wanderings 不平凡小旅行

    It's incredible how all the pancakes are almost identical in size, shape and color!
    I want to try the vanilla ice cream one, too!

  3. Trí Khoa channel 1 Cuộc sống dân dã miền Tây

    Món ăn đường phố Đài Loan bánh xèo nhật bản nhìn hấp dẫn ngon quá bạn hiền ơi cảm ơn bạn chia sẻ hay

  4. Puija Lifestyle in Turkey

    Pancakes look very Delicious. I love to eat pancakes so much. Thanks you for sharing and stay safe. Yummy yummy


    Great work : ) Fluffy pancakes : ) Looks so delicious : )
    Wonderful presentation and video Danny : ) Full Watch : )
    Thank you for sharing this Interesting Presentation and Video : )
    Stay Healthy and safe my Friend : ) Have a Fabulous and relaxing Weekend : )

  6. _Chef Dragan Maksimovic_

    Great video👏👏, big support from me, if you want to watch my yt channel 👍❤️😊👍👍🍀

  7. Cristina Agayam

    the pancakes are soooo cute!! alot of sauce to choose from..
    I can honestly eat 10pairs of pancakes…

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