Kimono, Cats, Nagoya + Creating Better Travel options in Japan | Julie Baud – Rill in Japan #ssl237

Julie Baud is originally from France, now living and working in Nagoya area of Aichi prefecture, Japan as a travel specialist. Her company Attractive Japan is creating interesting experiences for visitors to try their hand at making local foods and meeting local people to have a more meaningful travel experience.

Julie gives seminars on sustainable travel and SDG’s to destination managers and business people sharing her insights and vision for a better travel industry in Japan which has more balance to cover the needs of local economies and people as well as visitors.

We also talk here about her upcycling antique kimono materials as well as rescuing cats on the street and trying to find homes for them, as well as some of her off-the-beaten track trips around Nagoya, at a lantern festival and to the Naruto whirlpools on Shikoku island.

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2 Replies to “Kimono, Cats, Nagoya + Creating Better Travel options in Japan | Julie Baud – Rill in Japan #ssl237”

  1. jj walsh

    Julie has such an interesting view of tourism and travel hurdles in Japan- it's wonderful to get her perspective, I look forward to talking travel and sustainability with her again sometime!

  2. Riki Ohkanda

    What a fascinating and intelligent discussion by Lady Baud! I am delighted to see your kimono photos, too! Keep up the inspirational work!

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