Leaving Japan| Tips and Tricks while leaving Japan| Detox Life with Ayushi

Leaving Japan- where and how to sell all the furniture and electronics etc

Places to Sell 2nd hand Stuff1. Craigslist Tokyo; 2. Facebook Groups; 3. Local community WhatsApp Groups; 4. Friends 

Cost Recovery- Expect to recover 20-40% of the Costdepending upon the product quality and age. We recovered ~35% 🙂 

Tips- 1. Try to provide freebies (we gave small items for freelike stools, plants, dishware etc)
2. Try to be flexible around the timings
3. Keep back up buyer in case original buyer backs out
4. Most Important “START EARLY”. We started selling stuff 1 month in advance

Music by Nico Anuch – Lost on Earth –

Music by DJ GONZ – The Movement –

9 Replies to “Leaving Japan| Tips and Tricks while leaving Japan| Detox Life with Ayushi”

  1. dharmendra barmaiya

    Touching Memories & You given a happy graceful ending with complete respect to your existing world..
    An ending is a sign of start-up skylimit journey towards the New World…
    best wishes & god bless to both of you guys..

  2. Devendra Soni Soni

    आदमी मुसाफिर है, आता है, जाता है
    आते जाते रस्ते में, यादें छोड जाता है.

  3. jayant bhalavi

    It’s time for you to chase your dream no matter wherever it takes you😊
    Wish u All d best for d new country Ayushi ji.

  4. Smita Soni

    It’s always hard to leave the things, specially when you spent a long good quality time of your life with lot of emotions….
    But there will always be some positive ways behind it😊
    All the very best for your Singapore Stay🥰♥️

  5. Soni Sunil

    Ayushi san…leaving house is a bit difficult task here in Japan your info will be helpful for others so thanks for the info😊
    Even we r Also missing this house coz We had spent good time together At this house, Enjoyed nice view of fujisan,skytree,tokyo tower😊 played many games here😊 so we have Also same emotions for this house😊 but its a part of life.
    Enjoy singapore now And best of luck for new opportunity😊👍

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