279 | Made it to the JAPANESE ALPS!! KAMIKOCHI!! (Japan Travel VLOG)

8 September 2019 – Day 17 – Kamikochi I

VLOG 279

Today we say goodbye to Tokyo and head a few hours northwest out into the Japanese Alps!! An early wake up at 5am, we catch a 7am bus from Shinjuku bus station for 5 hours and arrive at Kamikochi National Park!! 🚌⛰🌲🌲

Known for its stunning mountain views and crystal clear water, Kamikochi National Park is where we will be for the next 2 days! After exploring the bustling city of Tokyo for the last few days, getting back out to nature is exactly what we needed! 🙏🏽🙏🏽

This place however is not a budget destination as the bus ticket cost $116 and accommodation here goes from $300/night to upwards of $1000!! But we’re not in nature to stay at a resort so we opt the campsite and settle into our humble little tent right next to the river. I don’t think there’s a better way to this place! ⛺️🌲🌲

We spend the afternoon walking the trails around the crystal clear turquoise river. We gazed upon the mountain views in the backdrop as the sun set to end our first day here in Kamikochi! 🌄🌄

Dj Quads – Early
Ikson – Angel

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