Japan Travel: Visiting The Grave of Jesus Christ

According to popular belief, Jesus Christ was crucified and buried in Jerusalem in the early to mid First Century A.D. But in actuality (cough! bullcrap!) Jesus escaped and made his made through Siberia to Aomori in northern Japan where he lived out his days to the ripe old age of 106 with wife and kids and was later buried in the village of Shingo.

Last summer when I was going to Aomori’s festivals in August, I stopped in to see the grave for myself. Regardless of the unbelievability of the claim, it’s still a nice out-of-the-way spot to visit.

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  1. The young teacher 어린 선생님

    I'm afraid the Japanese have been mistaken, obviously in the bible Jesus died in Jerusalem in mount Golgotha and was buried near Jerusalem, and you cannot take out topics from the bible and put it in somewhere else that has nothing to do with the bible. It's ok, repent and be saved.

  2. Wouter

    8:48 I used the exact same route to get there earlier this year (February 2020). The bus from Gonohe goes to Kanegasaki if I remember correctly.

  3. Bikram Limboo

    If u want to know the real life story of Jesus then u must read bible

    U cannot be properly updated in Australia about India unless u read Indian history in Indian history and constition….go to the origin…

    Don't believe in day by day mythology made by man

    Jesus died on the cross n buried for 3days n raised from the death and ascended to heaven n he is coming soon…

    I was suffering from TB with severe bleeding…I was Hindu at that time…I was mad cos of too much medicine

    Finally I called upon the name of Jesus with all of my heart…I had an encounter with Jesus …I am healed n forgiven of my sins n cleaning of my evil conscienec..n now saved….

  4. lynel gardner

    Jesus' brother died in his place. You can't kill a divine soul. Everything is the law of balance. There are Japanese Jews in this area. Moses is also buried in Japan. Japan is the land of spirits origin. Originally called Mu. All saints go back to the land of spirits origin before they die.

  5. Jozef Schmidt

    Dear Japanese, the basic fact is that Christianity is a cult in which a historical person is deified, and thus fraudulently designated as a religion. This illegal state, even for a thousand years and with billion followers, is still an illegal state, and everyone who supports this illegal state in the legislature is acting lawlessly – here illegally in terms of religion. Moreover, it is a fraudulent cult whose centerpiece is the daily blessing of alcohol, even in front of children. Open your eyes! Christianity in reality, besides everything that is too part of non-Christian life, is simply a fraudulent cult of alcohol (The Holy Grail), spread in this way by trespassing of legislation through power and political paths – it has nothing to do with ordinary people who in reality have no decision-making powers. Christianity can utilize you, of course, the goal, not the beginning, is your property, etc. Christianity will bring to you a lot of alcohol and broken families (system of celibacy). See European statistics. In fact, it is an attack on your culture, as in Europe, where there is no longer any religion, for which Christianity is responsible. Therefore you can reject Christianity, if you reject it as a religion, you will never reject it because it is not a religion. Will anyone be prudent? Thanks for Your time. filozofiaschmidt.wordpress.com

  6. Spirit Free

    If Jesus didn't Die on the Cross but his brother did

    they why still burry him underneath a cross

    kinda weird to say the least

  7. Ricky DJ Moore II

    It's not Yeshua of Nazareth. During the early renaissance, Christian mythology and iconography became very popular in Asia. Especially in Japan where crosses were worn as jewelry. Many false prophets arose from this time, and the grave you visited is certainly one of them.

    Because Jesus Christ is in Heaven sitting at the Right Hand of YHVH God the Father. He is not dead. He is Risen.

  8. ricki388

    the great tibets astrologer told the dalai lama back then that prime creator is sending yet another messenger and ordered 2 monks to record as much as possible now there are no trees in tibet so all students must learn to imagine a building with rooms and cupboards with draws etc to memorize dat this information untainted is available to all christian etc you no in 2200 yrs not onr has bothered


    You are a liar and a idiot, you’re a untrue Christian that’s a today’s Methodist, Jesus did not do any of that my friend, you are lost or you don’t want to believe the Bible. God has a white throne judgment and my friend if you don’t wanna end up in hell you better change your path.

  10. Steve Filkins

    It is rather interesting to hear a third account of where the body of Jesus is laid. As Steve Morgan has said you will find one account in the Book Thiaoouba Prophecy. Another account shows him to be buried in India where he supposedly spent the remainder of his life. There are videos on that one, plus the fact that Billy Meier found the Talmud of Jmmanuel showing such as well. So, Christianity will have a hey day trying to find the truth or falsity in such claims! lol And now another place of burial: The Lost Gospel
    tomb of Jesus in a suburb of Jerusalem
    Simcha Jacobovici – The Lost Gospel

  11. airvelvet1968

    Jesus replaces the crucifixion by his brother, learns Buddhism and goes to Zipangu in the second home. To Japan where Moses is. The book which was written that the Knights after Temple and the remnants of 12 tribes are also written is owned only by executives of Freemason.

  12. Michael Balmforth

    Jesus's brother James was not crucified in Jesus's place. I have researched this and from what I found it was indeed Yah Ha Shua himself (Jesus) who was crucified and laid to rest and He did rise again, when I discovered that this was the truth it blew my mind. I had no other choice to become a devout believer, and He actually revealed himself at the right moment I discovered Jesus is risen. Research this for yourself and painstakingly leave no stone uncovered and you will find the truth.

  13. 楠木正成

    ※The grave of Christ is true. As for the evidence, the miracle of Christ is carried out by words. The Gospel of John had the words with God. When all things consisted of words, there is it. This comes from it from soul of language faith of Japan.


  14. Bourquin Jean-Charles

    Dear Ronin Dave,
    Thank you very much for this information ! I inform and alert on my blog OLCPIE about a true invasion of ET Greys and other aliens : their chief has the same soul as Jesus and they are very dangerous ! They have made the crop circle at Reigate Hill in 2016.
    Best wishes !
    Jean-Charles Bourquin, in France

  15. Roel Geraeds

    This is the only place in Japan were people are Christian. Please notice that most japanese are practising Shintoism or bhudism.

  16. mama さん

    I'm sure it is a tomb of jesus christ. He was "tengu",they say. By the way Moses also died in Ishikawa ken, Japan.
    I'd like to visit the jesus's grave someday and pray for a long healthy life.✌☺

  17. C M

    so i don't care the fact the jesus die in there but i wonder if jesus had children didn't suppose to look a little like him, i mean middle easterner? and it will be stronger if their mother was mary magdalene both were middle easteners, how can their children could look asian? 😂

  18. Francis Iverson Javier

    your a moron you just built that around your house that not even a tomb your idiot I'm saying this because you
    disrespect the religion of Christians please stop this you son of a bitch

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