Planning a Camping Trip in Japan (With Sharla!) | @Sharmeleon

It is just about time for camping season here in Japan and so I am sitting down with @SharlainJapan and planning out our camping trip for this year, while we enjoy some snacks! and did someone say… Giveaway?

A Huge thank you to Tokyo Treat for supporting this stream!

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50 Replies to “Planning a Camping Trip in Japan (With Sharla!) | @Sharmeleon”

  1. Tokyo Lens

    The most technically challenged stream in history! lol
    But from Snack Boxes, to a Brand New Tokyo Lens Explore Channel, exciting guests, camping plans, and more… It is all linked in the description Box!!!
    Don't miss the giveaway!!

  2. Demistr

    In the last livestream Chris from Abroad in Japan promised us a camping video. This might be the perfect oppurtunity!

  3. Evan Hopkins

    Sakuraco sounds amazing, and as much as i wanna say i'll share with my family… i'll probably eat it all myself >:)

  4. have a nice day

    I just moved to a beautiful hill 2 years ago, with wild animal and weird weather so everyday is like a camping for me. Sometimes I found snake or scorpion in my room which I have no idea how to deal with since I spent 23 years of my life in the city but yeah survival instinct saved me

  5. Salma Barakat

    I would love to get the Sakuraco box to give it to my newly wedded sister as her wedding gift to enjoy it with her husband in their new home 🙏💞

  6. Gaylord Longdic

    Why is bear spray that expensive?
    Couldn't you get something similarly potent for a lot less with hot peppers?

  7. S H

    Love watching these streams. I also can't eat too much of pineapple, maybe a few pieces before my mouth is all cut up😂. And would love the TokyoTreat box.

  8. Cristina Kennedy

    …and fade to black! …and fade to black! …and fade to black! Swishing in a later entry Norm…the Sakuraco box would be shared with my hubby!

  9. Esined Ordaz

    Every time the screen went black I keep waiting for them to appear again 😂 Greetings from California 💜

  10. Devindra Payment

    Maybe there are so many Canadians because you both are! That's what went through my head when I clicked on the stream. (From Vancouver here)

  11. Devindra Payment

    From Vancouver here. Enjoyed watching this back over the last few days. Those snacks look delicious. I would love to share the Sakuraco box with my housemates.

  12. Oli O

    The Sakuraco box looks so appealing 🌸
    I am going to share with my beloved friend who has been helping me with my health issues since the beginning of the year 🌈

  13. Claudia M.

    I would love the Sakuraco 😀 Always thought about getting one of those boxes since I can't visit Japan in the near future -.- hopefully next year then!

  14. Melanie Jane Procter

    Missed the stream 😢 there are round chairs on aliexpress they collapse like a accordion and have a strap to easily carry for your camping trip. I have a hammock that goes in to a bag, just love it so much.
    We have a New Tim Hortons in one of the towns in Essex uk 🇬🇧 had a £1.99 breakfast yesterday sasage and egg burger muffin with hash brown.
    I love your camping in abandoned town vlog very interesting 😊😀.
    Love you both your my favourite youtubers
    I'd like the Tokyo snack box please 💖💙😀😍XXXX

  15. Franziska Wende

    I’d love the SakuraCo Box and since I won’t be able to hide it I’ll share with my husband and daughter 😅

  16. Sara Costa

    Sad that I miss the stream 🙃 but loved listening to all 😊
    I kinda want to try the dragon fries 😂 Seeing Sharla munching non stop on them made me want to do the same🥰 so yeah Tokyo Treat for me even tho the Sakuraco is a beautiful box, I would love those dragon fries …
    The ending tho was hilarious and the drift story too 🤣

  17. Stephen Dahlke

    Honestly, a stream with no end button seems tailor-made for a Tokyo Lens stream.

    That Sakuraco box seems like the perfect thing to share with friends I haven't seen in-person since last March.

  18. Nor Salam

    i really love japan country side, but i wander most of the place is like not many people. i wander why its like that. if for me i will choose to stay, its more peaceful.

  19. The Dude

    Yeah, I thought "Norm! Take Norm!!" the moment chat started forcing Chris to go camping, and he started to go through his list of contacts to find who he'd drag along~ Cos taking Natsuki along would probably make going home hard, since he'd probably befriend everything that moves. Ryotaro will just call the trip off and take Chris to a restaurant instead, Joey will probably just drag Chris to another Trash Taste episode instead LMAO

  20. Mari's Spot

    Oh YES I would love the SakuraCo box! I would have a date with my husband, what we usually do is buy takeout or random snacks and go home to put on a walking around POV in a different part of the world and it feels like an experience. <3

  21. Sweet Archangel

    Sadly I missed the live. Loved all the fake endings. Maybe youtube has cottoned onto that and decided to one up Norm by removing the end stream button, lol.

    I would love a SakuraCo box please. Would I share it? No. Would my kids "assist" me in eating things? Yes.

    Also, pineapple has an enzyme in it that eats you as you eat it ^_^

  22. Lili Tuba

    It's always a joy to watch you two together! The snacks look really amazing and the stream difficulties were hilarious. I'd really be into the tokyotreat box! It wod be a fun thing to share with my husband as an anniversary celebration. We are doing our second year!

  23. intheetherstube

    hey norm and sharla 🙂 id like to try the sakuraco box, id share it with my grandad because its his 90th birthday and id like him to try something hes never had before!

  24. Stephanie M

    It's so much fun seeing you guys together! i hope hitting your face on the dashboard wasn't too painful lol ! ( love mochi )

  25. Jenn

    hahah loooove this live! but definitely the Tokyo treat box because I'm already subscribed to the sakuraco box lol. but I would eat it with my fiancé because we miss Japan soooo much and the snackssss too

  26. Apriloo Li

    Awesome stream! Made me feel better after taking a stressful exam. I would love the Sakuraco snack box and I would share them with my family! 🙂

  27. Claire B

    Loved watching the stream back! I would love to try the sakura co box! The wagashi look so good, I'd share it with my partner, unless there was something too tasty to share haha

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