Cycling in Japan: Starting Our Trip Around Lake Biwa

On a whim we decided it would be fun to try and cycle over 200km around Japan’s largest lake. It was fun.
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Filmed with:
Sony A7Siii
Tamron 17-28 f.2.8 lens
GoPro 9
Sony DSC-HX90V

#Cycling #Japan #travel

42 Replies to “Cycling in Japan: Starting Our Trip Around Lake Biwa”

  1. Marie A M

    as usual i enjoy this kind of of kyde-eric adventures!♥️ but eric dude, you may want to shave a bit now ✌😇

  2. Heidi Gear

    Kyde, why CAN’T bicycle seats be more comfortable for women?! Seriously?! I always get enthused to go for a ride, but my jigglies give up before the rest of me…

    Love the video!!

  3. L. I.

    I'm happy to see you guys posting again! You capture the vibes/moods in a place in a really good way, it almost feels like I'm there myself. Thank you for keeping things real, and not over-editing your videos!

  4. Marie Lawson

    Oh Kyde……. before the next time on a bike you need to pick yourself up a gel seat cover! It fits over any bike seat and gives you lots of extra padding for your bits!! And they are fairly cheap… like $20cdn so probably cheaper in Asia. Check Amazon or even Daiso might have them in a good enough quality for a trip or two… hope your bits are better by now!

  5. Tommy Stevens

    55km on the first day without training! Impressive! I used to do training rides for several weeks and carb up days before starting on the yearly Seattle to Portland ride (STP). Nice job. Hope it gets better on the days ahead.

  6. Beth Duffey

    I did this Biwa bike ride before you, on a Fourth of July weekend in the early 1990s, with a group of American friends. No tunnel in those days and we were ignorant of the mountain that we would have to climb. A woman in our group crashed and rolled in a rice paddy. We went to the nearest house, borrowed a garden hose, and washed her down. We did the whole ride in 2 days. We stayed at a bike ryokan with steaming hot multi-person baths and a HUGE Japanese feast prepared for our dinner, as well as breakfast the next morning. I recall how long it took me to peel off my clothes and how painful it was to even get into the bath. How I managed to do the second day and catch the Shinkansen back to Tokyo still is a mystery. I am an old woman now, and your video brought back memories more than 30 years old. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  7. Perdomot

    Have to say I'm impressed by your knowledge of Japanese language. You should do one of those Japanese Only vlogs where you only speak in Japanese as you go around town.

  8. Perdomot

    Loving the images of the countryside. Reminds me of when I'm coming into Tokyo on the Narita Express. Makes me smile.

  9. Steve Ollinger

    You guys r amazing, another great one
    Food experience ✅✅
    Fast forward clips with tunes ✅✅
    Explanation of how u feel and how ride is going ✅✅
    When’s the next video coming?
    Cheers 🤗

  10. reizvolldiva

    This is going to be such a cool series. I like the idea of bike riding however I have no idea how to ride a bike.

  11. Pappadumful

    Kyde, you need to get some bike pants/shorts — they have a patch of cushioning in the crotch to help out for comfort!
    Much love <3

  12. Mr. Hollywood

    Awesome video. I enjoyed it but IDK if I would have the energy to go through that long bike ride adventure especially since I'm out of shape. Keep up the great work.

  13. LindsayCordova

    Always love a Kyde and Eric adventure!

    Side note I believe the song Kyde had stuck in her head was in 10 Things I Hate About You. Eric you were right it’s by Semisonic

  14. Wagner ワグナーCharles チャールズ

    Hey, so I ride my bike all the time and had the same butt pain issue for a while. I even rode from Yokohama to Sapporo in under 2 weeks! I would typically ride about at least 150km a day, and even with me used to riding fairly often my butt hurt like crazy!

    It wasn't until I started riding every day for8 hours a day for my new delivery job that it went away (I think my butt created some new fat/scar tissue or something where the seat is lol).

    Though if you do not have the time to make your butt stronger I would recommend getting bicycle underwear, which they sell at Y's road. The pants are pretty comfy for bike riding!

  15. William Winsor

    I like to find local stuff instead of Japanese kfc which some others I was with went to or McDonald’s. The stores there make great treats for lunch and if an item was not a good choice just go on.

  16. Rod G.

    Drink lots of water and eat bananas to avoid cramps! also the bike seat should always be horizontal.
    Great vid!

  17. Kevin Fong

    Anybody know the theme from a horror movie 33:51? Could be kind of scary being in the quiet town but may be you guys are too hungry to notice?

  18. Phil Nolan

    I was glad I got to visit a lake while in Japan. Kawaguchi, near Mt. Fuji 🗻. It was also very cloudy and quite chilly so we didn't get to see much of Fuji.

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