Back in 2019, I was filming for the JR East Project and my team and I decided to shoot a not-so-ordinary vlog. Here are some of the things I learned as I share with you some tips on WHAT NOT TO DO in #Japan. We need to remember to respect and appreciate the Japanese culture… and maybe not get arrested!

Hope you enjoy this travel video because I super miss traveling and watching this is bittersweet because it makes me happy but makes me miss it even more. One day, we will get to do this all again 🙂

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34 Replies to “TRAVEL TIPS on WHAT NOT NOT DO in JAPAN | Robi Domingo”

  1. Loreto Paras

    Permission to comment:
    Japan is one of the cleanest countries in Asia.
    They have many inventions..
    Advance technologies..
    They a long life expectancies..
    And many other amazing stories to see know and visit..
    May God bless Japan and its amazing people…

  2. Jose Martial

    Big thanks to brighthacks21 on IG, he is a legit guy who helped me recover my account back.I recommend his service


    So true! Japan is so specific especially in garbage rules,thats why their are some condo/mansion didnt allow foriegners because of garbage issues.

  4. Cedrick Kaven Antalan

    I miss Japan soooo much! Additional note on food, do not eat daw while walking. So need magstop somewhere to eat your food. 🙂

    PS: P&G employee here! See you again, soon! 👌

  5. Christian Bondoc

    Kon'nichiwa Kuya Robs!! Grabe naks naman naman Kuya Robs!! We have to be genuine, kindful, respectful, and obey the Japanese Culture!! We need to receive it and own it from Kuya Robs!! What a fulfilling experience and encounter ka Kuya Robs to travel in Japan!! Visiting different places!! Trying food and drinks and transportation!! Going for adventure, sightseeing, exploring in Japan!! That was a travel list to go to Japan!! Loving Japan eating Sushi din! ! Let's go there Kuya Robs!! Collab Vlogs!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Robi Domingo

    Who here misses traveling?? Where do you want to go when the pandemic is over? You already know my answer… 😉

  7. Joice Christine Makilan

    Thank you Kuya Robi for all the knowledge and wisdom you've shared. Looking forward for more in the near future. Happy Mother's Day to your Mom po🥰💕

  8. justJAYZ

    Japan seems closest to your heart. Hopefully I could visit Japan and apply everything that you advise kuya Robi! 😍 Happy Mother’s Day to your mom btw 🎉❤️

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