Epic STREET FOOD Tour of Japan's Largest Theme Park | Dutch Food in Japan

HuisTen Bosch is a theme park that replicates The Netherlands. Located in Sasebo in Kyushu, it’s the largest theme park in Japan.

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48 Replies to “Epic STREET FOOD Tour of Japan's Largest Theme Park | Dutch Food in Japan”

  1. Hans Kruse

    The hering, fries and stroopwafel look "different". Maybe I would love this "Sushi" hearing instead of the preserved Dutch one. (I am Dutch). For the rest I would go for the Japanese food The environment look like the original tourist traps.
    Some streets look really convincing like average Dutch cities.

    Wonder what happens if you order food in Dutch and pretend not to speak English.

  2. gaeulaaa gp

    I think this will add to my destination list if I go to Japan..hope things getting better..thank you for your amazing video..I never get tired watching it all..

  3. Spun

    My wife did a student exchange in Sasebo in her senior year, so we go back to visit the teachers every few years (before Covid 🙁 ).
    Sasebo is a beautiful city. Would love to see you guys to a Sasebo burger hunt to find the best one if you're ever back that way.

  4. Elangomatt

    That herring looked nice. I agree that it is most definitely an acquired taste. Was the getting pickled at all or just fresh? My mom liked pickled herring when I was a kid but I didn't start liking it until I was an adult. I wish more American manufacturers wouldn't put sugar into their pickled herring.

  5. destoker

    Some things wrong here: At 0:55 they show the menu with " french fries" , dutch fries are thicker cuts, also they show "our" herring as horse mackerel, no, it is not called a salted herring for nothing you know! also when looking at it at 1:15 no, not a real herring, and we never add lemon! The "stroopwafel" looks like a donut run over and then dipped in tar, real one is golden yellow. So far, you are right! Also, the music from 5:05 sounds more irish then dutch. Cheese tarts are more french then dutch, but we have the "kaassoufle"! But then again, if i ask about Japan most people don't come any closer that Sushi, and if i talk about keroro gunso….so, keep it up! 😉

  6. Disfigured Stick

    Japan is a little embarrassing with its country based attractions.. my university in Japan has a similar attitude of "come to this University and interact with foreigners, it's almost as if you've left Japan!"

  7. Emmanuel Grassi

    I had dinner but I could have eaten everything that you presented a pity it not possible to smell . Thanks for the food tour. Have ever been in Fukuoka? The street food is amazing: all the small shop that pop up in the evening ! Yumm!! You have to go there and do a tour!

  8. Carolanne brown

    Looks like a great theme park. 😍
    Another place on my visit list 🤩

  9. Mirco Moscardini

    I never heard before The Netherlands were famous in the world for their food… By the way, french fries, croquette and a sort of raw fish are dishes you can find everywhere in the world.
    Greetings from Italy

  10. Sar Jim

    that cake is just beautiful. I though maybe it was a baked apple at first. Whoever made it has some real talent at cake making.

  11. Sar Jim

    We'd call those fries with the burger wafer cut in the US. If the potaoes are fresh and the oil (preferably peanut oil) is hit tio just below smoking, wafer cut fries come out just like yours, crispy on the outside and soft and kind of mealy on the inside. Best kind if fries you can have in my estimation. I was sitting here drooling like Justin would have been once he had a bite 🙂

  12. Sar Jim

    Last thing I ever thought I'd see is the largest theme park in Japan is a Dutch theme. It's a beautiful park, but I don't recall the herring i had in Holland being served on top of newspaper and, if it was, it sure wouldn't have been an English language paper. The fries I had were served on top of newspaper to soak up the grease, so maybe a cook got the two mixed up. I never saw

  13. Tamara

    the raw onions helps with the fishiness haring can have. But I never seen it served with lemon here. A pickle is popular though. the fries look like they have the seasoning we put on kibbeling (fried fish pieces) never seen them seasoned like this. Traditional ,sauces like mayo, curry or ketchup are paired with friet (patat). Love it how they gave stores Dutch names Tante (in Tante Annie the cheese tart store) is the Dutch word for aunt. I I noticed that the cheese market you passed on the street was called cheese waag. Waag is the name of the building they used here to weight the cheese on traditional markets originally it was spelled waeghe of waech in old Dutch. The waag part also reffers to a priviledge that you were allowed in the olden days to measure cheese and butter. Still think they should be selling more Dutch beers then Heineken; there are so many better tasting ones.

    Still strage to see different famous part of dutch cities mixed together like this. The grachten houses suddenly brought back a memory from elementary school; we had to make those with paper for a history project on the Golden age (17th cenutry in Holland). And my grandmother had such coffee cups when I was little 🙂

    The nikumaki onigiri looks delicious. I first thought it was inari wrapped in pork hahaha (I wonder if that would work now I think about it. Perhaps I should try making that sometime hahaha You know me; I choose Japanese food over Dutch any day 😀

  14. Darth Tardis

    Hey dude, have you had a vitamin deficiency test? The ridges on your thumbnail could indicate serious deficiency. Good video by the way!

  15. Feng

    O wow this brings back memories. My dad used to be in the navy and we lived in the Sasebo base. We went here as well.

  16. Jeanette Marie

    Where is everybody?! The food did look so delicious and just pretty! If I ever get to go to Japan, Huis ten Bosch will be on my list of places to visit! (In case I don’t get to go to the Netherlands)! 😉… Thank you for sharing, I would have never known that place existed in Japan! 💖

  17. London Pelen

    Hi Shinichi how you doing wow excited to see all the different kinds of flowers and the windmill yummie food enjoy watching it all thanks stay safe God BLESS to all

  18. EJ

    I really wanna visit this place on my next trip to Japan. Hope everything gets better and people get vaccine there.

  19. Lynn Kihara

    Reminds me of Disney world. People weren't ready for the real flavors of different countries, so they had to change their menus (i.e. egg foo young=supposed to be Chinese, ramen=supposed to be japanese) and for everyone who has been to the real countries, the flavor and offerings are a bit sad. 😢

  20. Sumo Curtain

    Yum, I'd say the food here looks better than average theme park food and they're trying to stay true to their inspiration.

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