Japan Summer Trip 2021 | Gunma Safari Park | Yuzawa | Part 1 | Chee & Chaa | Malayalam Vlog Japan

In this video, we are visiting one of the Safari parks in Japan, Gunma Safari Park located in Gunma prefecture. After that, we head to Yuzawa, Niigata prefecture.

Chee & Chaa is a Malayalam Vlog introducing Japan, the traditions, food, festivals and places to travel.
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Japan Diaries by Chee and Chaa

36 Replies to “Japan Summer Trip 2021 | Gunma Safari Park | Yuzawa | Part 1 | Chee & Chaa | Malayalam Vlog Japan”

  1. Harsha R

    The video has been an ASMR of travelling to Japan❤❤very lovely and Thank you for the visual treat..! 😍lots of love from Tamil Nadu😍🥰

  2. chitharanjen kg

    അഖിലവുമൊരു വിരൽത്തലത്തിലൊതുങ്ങുമ്പോളനുപമമായിടുന്നീ സുഖദർശനങ്ങളും.🤗😍😍

  3. Tharun Surendran

    Namaskaram…..katta waiting aayirunnu Japan kana kazhchakalileke…..Drone view Kidukki….Vere level…Zoo kazhcha kal kalakki tta….But too short video……Full day nadannitte min half an hour video edanam plssss…
    Anyway….Keep posting …All the videos r good enough ….Take care…Stay Safe…Stay Blessed….

  4. Francis Pillai

    Thanks again for another great day trip. I like subtitles and music. Video great 👍 (new camera?) thanks Francis

  5. arsha krishnan

    The effort you both put in making this video full of aesthetic and positive is seriously calming our eyes and mind and it's really good. Looking forward to see more contents and videos.
    A humble request to upload videos every week.

  6. Nimmi Vinod

    wow how are u akhila after a long while seeing your video
    asusual visuals all super ..anoops videography skills the best
    and your presentations asusual super
    nice vlog
    stay safe and take care
    loads of love from abudhabi 😍

  7. SU's All in One Channel

    Wow.. nice safari park.. enjoyed it. I have been to Fuji safari park.. try that too.. let's stay connected friend👍

  8. Sayyed Thaha

    Konichawa appol yakinik kazikarundo brother evide ippol lockdown keralath Japan nil covid okke kuravano brother ippol adthonum pudiya episode onnum cheyidila alla ja gambatte!!!

  9. Surya Babup

    Hai njan ennum ningale orkkarundu. Sugamano. Notification kandapo aashwasamai. Ningale 2 pereyum orupadu miss cheyyunnu. Stay safe dears.

  10. Rasitha Sarangi

    I am waiting for ur vlog for long time. I love this vlog♥️♥️. Love ur speaking style, so clear and understanding. Hats off that japan couples who started hotel ചിറക്കര. So happy to hear that.😊


    Tokyo Olympics വരുവാൻ നഗരത്തിൽ കൊണ്ടുവന്ന മാറ്റങ്ങൾ കാണിക്കുക

  12. Ashmi Ramanan

    • 🤩YAY! I swear, my intuition was telling me there will be your video today and turned to be true✨
    • ☺️ Chef’s Kiss to the intro and loved the aesthetic transitions😍
    • 🌸 Grateful for showing the cherry blossom🌸
    • 🫖 If you guys ever happen to attend the Japanese tea ceremony, please drop a Vlog! Would love to see that!💛

    – Stay Safe ! 😷

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