AIRMART TRAVEL || Tottori Camel Ride Part1: Desert in Japan ? Watch this amazing nature’s creation.

Desert in Japan with Amazing Cinematic View beside the sea in Tottori Prefecture of Japan.

The Tottori Sand Dunes (鳥取砂丘, Tottori Sakyu) are the largest sand dunes in Japan and Tottori’s most famous tourist attraction. Located just outside the city center, they span roughly 16 kilometers of coast along of the Sea of Japan and are up to two kilometers wide and 50 meters high. They are part of the Sanin Kaigan National Park.

The sand dunes were created over thousands of years, as sand from the nearby Sendaigawa River was washed out to sea and eventually redeposited along the coast by the ocean’s currents. Today, the constant movement of the tides and the coastal winds continuously shape the sand dunes and provide an ever changing landscape.

The main sightseeing area spans a half kilometer swath of sand between the visitor center and the sea. Many of the largest sand dunes are found here, and their tops provide visitors with beautiful views out over the coast. From here you can also explore the vast expanses of sand which lead off for several kilometers in almost every direction.

There are also a number of other attractions to enjoy around the dunes. Camel and horse drawn cart rides travel the dunes, while the more adventurous might try paragliding or sandboarding (a variation of snowboarding) which are offered by local companies. Views over the dunes can be enjoyed from the observation deck of the Sakyu Center, which is connected with the sand dunes by a chair lift.

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  1. Just AnyTINK

    Meron pala sa Japan Camel?
    Camels are not treated as plain animals but rather treated with love like a human being

  2. Regina Arai

    Winner ka na ♥️😘 Love riding the camel and walking around the sand dunes. Thank you for sharing us your beautiful videos with airmart Travel.

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