Japanese Reacts To What My Trip To Japan Was Like

Japanese reacts to “What My Trip To Japan Was Like” by Jaiden Animations. For the first time I react to Jaiden Animation! Asagi’s Life react to Jaiden Animations.

Original video by awesome Jaiden Animations “What My Trip To Japan Was Like”

Would someone make a reaction mashup out of Japanese reaction!?

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Asagi’s Reaction

Dating in Japan

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Second Channel (Dance)

00:00 Intro
00:32 Reaction Starts
01:10 Difference In Animations
02:00 Jaiden’s Image of Yakuza
02:23 How Japanese Use Trains
04:08 What You Should Do At The Station
05:30 Reaction
07:20 West Japan Sightseeing
09:20 Ghibli Museum Mystery
10:29 More Reaction
11:10 Jaiden’s Japanese
11:55 Even More Reaction
12:30 Sad News About Robot Restaurant
14:33 Outro

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31 Replies to “Japanese Reacts To What My Trip To Japan Was Like”

  1. Insomniacs PillowFort Army

    You're so beautiful! I wish I had a beauty spot on my nose like yours! And get my eye brows like urs and even though I'm a white girl I'd love to get my eyeliner like yours. Such a pretty yet natural look! I'm not that great at getting my eyeliner thin & equal. Getting stuff done that close to my eye in general is a challenge. Like eye drops ends up with me looking like I've been sobbing 🤣 lol.

    And I've seen other Japanese YouTubers react to this video and they also didn't know about the whole jumping for wishes thing either so don't feel bad! I'm sure many foreigners could teach me a thing or so after visiting the many historical and tourist places in the US too

  2. brianc21324

    It's not really something to worry about. When I lived and worked in Japan I was living in the countryside and it would be rare to find anyone that spoke English. However, when I would visit Tokyo on some occasions I would sometimes get lost at the train stations but many of the people working there also spoke English. It makes sense since many English speaking tourists and business people travel through there daily. I didn't have much of a problem getting the help I needed. I still say it's better that you learn at least some Japanese when you go to Japan for obvious reasons but many of the signs telling you where to go are also in English and many people at the Tokyo stations and airports, compared to where I lived in the countryside, spoke English.

  3. KingOfWarz

    Asagi, when i first watch your video it was a random recommendation by Youtube, but now theyve been recommending me your channel more that I even subscribed and found it pretty interesting. Keep up the good work!

  4. trodat07

    A friend of mine traveled from south America to Japan about 10 years ago and, of course, he had to ask people around for guidance. He got nothing but politeness and will to help him on his way to the train or the hotel, even with the strong language barrier. That left a strong good image about the average Japanese folk on him, and on me too after he narrated his travel experiences.
    Yeah, it's obvious that Jaiden is exaggerating some things just for comedy sake.

  5. Justin K

    idk her story seems kinda exaugurated,
    i went to japan in 2015 and had to go through narita airport to find the skyliner that brought me to keisei ueno station (京成上野駅) in tokyo,
    walked to the main station with the shinkansen (2 minute walk)
    then find my way through to the correct platform to catch the train to 八戸市 hachinohe).

    In my case i was completely alone until i got to my friends house in hachinohe which is 600km from tokyo.

  6. Devin Rouse

    Asagi sensei: explains the difference in lip animation methods between anime and western animation.

    Me: Jokes on you, I already knew that.

    That shirt though.😳

  7. Joseph Harding

    Dang I can't wait for my first visit to Japan. I want Japan to be the first place I go to for my first time leaving America! I'm also trying to learn Japanese and things that are important to know before going to Japan from my Japanese buddy who lives in America and grew up here, but has family in Japan! so he visits a lot! And I'm able to learn alot from him and his mom! They teach me great things and Iove the heck outta them. I just can't wait to visit for myself!

  8. flark looney

    The look on your face @2:57 😂
    Thanks for making and uploading it.👍
    I wonder what the name of the music in the outro is….

  9. Stephan Rogers

    That phone app that translates what you see in Japanese into English (I think it's a google app)TOTALLY works. I was in Japan in February before the pandemic and it worked just fine. It's not perfect but it gives you an idea of what's written.

  10. Matt Barker

    I was in Japan in Spring of last year, the first thing I did was before I left the US I downloaded 3 train/subway apps they helped a lot, from Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo

  11. MassVt

    That;s some pretty good animation. It sounds like a typical American vacation abroad, in which we completely embarrass ourselves. Oh, that WORD on your sweater–hmmm…

  12. paul hennig

    Why don't they have an information booth for newcomers to the subway system? New York City Transit authority has them! 🤔

  13. Raistlin Furlong

    Hi asagi!!! I really like your videos and your personality! I want to visit or live in Japan one day. I have to learn Japanese lol. thank you keep up the videos (:

  14. 知未

    ms asagi , yes you made me remember the first time i was in japan first city i put my feet to it was roppongi in tokyo as i recall it was really rich experience there i was 18 years old in 2010 and i stayed there for a week before i move to another province to my uncle there at that time i did not know ms asagi in tokyo then 😃😃 everytime when i go out to buy something from market or in streets girls talk to me in that province i do not know the answer till know why they were talk to me different girls i do not know the answer till now they were good days and so rich experience well i cannot tell about that province 😂😂😂

  15. Hiren Vadher

    “SUPERB” video as usual Asagi!! Is it possible for you to do a video on what Japanese woman think about Indian men of both Western and Eastern cultures and whether or not they would marry them? Thank you.

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