U.S. issues ‘do not travel’ advisory for Japan ahead of Olympics

미 국무부 “일본 여행금지 권고”…도쿄올림픽 개최에 영향주나

The U.S. is urging Americans not to visit Japan,… ahead of the Tokyo Olympics.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the State Department issued the Level 4 travel advisory,… citing the “very high level” of COVID-19 infections there.
This comes as the Japanese government considers extending a state of emergency in Tokyo and several other prefectures,…beyond the May 31st expiry date.
The Japanese Prime Minister said the decision would be made as early as this weekend.
The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games is scheduled to take place on July 23rd,… after being postponed by a year due to the pandemic

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2021-05-25, 07:00 (KST)

9 Replies to “U.S. issues ‘do not travel’ advisory for Japan ahead of Olympics”

  1. jeff strong

    No one will care for Tokyo Olympic during pandemic even you win. Better to use Dokdo issue to not going to Tokyo Olympic to ruin their games like they always try to interfere with S Korea. Japan already broke international law using Olympic as their political propaganda. Japan also complained about S Korea showing Dokdo during Winter game but they are not doing same. So fck fish breath. There is double standard in IOC. There is no peace with Japenise.

  2. sun min lee

    [[Japan's biotest Tokyo Olympics]] The Tokyo Olympics is a biotest of the coronavirus and radioactive water contaminated by Japan on people around the world.

  3. Max DC

    US thank Japan for her unwavering loyalty despite gifting them atomic bombs by ruining the coming Japan Olympics with the latest advisory. When US said do not travel to Japan, the world may take heed. lol

  4. Kenny Ng

    Japan: How can my master do that to me? I'm willing to be your lap dog all this while. I listened and obeyed your orders. Now you're destroying my country. How can the US be a trusted partner? Instead of calling United States, it should be called United Snakes.

  5. soul reaver

    Korea when will your oligarchy unlock the network on my paid phone! or is this what you learned from Japanese imperialist that bombed pearl harbor with Nazi's burning bodies like India and causing confusion and a world war. Always fear mongering oligarchy acting like NAZI'S extremists instead of as equals.

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