I did not expect to see this in Kobe | Our trip to Kobe (and Osaka) Japan

We take a trip to Kobe, Japan for the first time, with a visit to Osaka. I did not expect to see this natural paradise in Kobe. It was my favourite place we visited during the Kobe and Osaka trip and I am so happy that we planned it into our itinerary. Japan is full of natural wonder beauty but I was surprised to find it in such a built up harbour city such as Kobe that is normally famous for Kobe beef and nightlife.

In this Kobe vlog we discovered a mountain of herbs, Nunobiki Herb Garden, one of the most beautiful and magical places I have been to in Japan and it looked like it was straight out of Violet Evergarden! It is a lesser known, hidden Kobe tourist spot. It was a natural beauty paradise overlooking the lively Japanese city. It is a must see and do thing in Kobe!

In Osaka city we walked around Dotonbori. This was Angelina’s first time in Osaka and we decided to do it as a side trip from Kobe. Dotonbori is the most famous tourist destination in Osaka. It is a lively Osaka district that is famous for the food, bright neon signs and nightlife.

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We stayed at the Hotel Okura Kobe and it iverlooked the Kobe Port Tower and Harbour. At night it had a beautiful view of the city!

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35 Replies to “I did not expect to see this in Kobe | Our trip to Kobe (and Osaka) Japan”

  1. The Global Citizenship

    Thank you for showing us Kobe. I have a guide to make in collaboration with the Kobe Tourism Bureau so seeing your guide has given me some ideas to document and shoot! It is good to see other Content Creators out there in the field, still flourishing. Stay safe!

  2. BE KOBE BE LIFE 〜神戸の魅力を世界へ〜

    Welcome to Kobe!
    Did you enjoy it?
    We are looking forward to seeing you again.

  3. Ashish Patel

    Hii I am from India and I want to be friendship with you I am big fan of you mam ❤❤❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  4. Rezpector WR

    So cool.. i like u Performance , the best😍😍😍 i'm here support u, keep working.💪 Please support me back☺️☺️☺️🤝

  5. eri nee channel

    Thank you for making this video. Im from Kobe. You can also go hiking
    instead of taking the cable. it takes 1h 20 min to go up

  6. Andrej Mažar

    Rutina u tim gradovima je urnebes -kako se snači u istraživanju te onda pronalasku svoga hotela-nešto totalno drugčije.

  7. whogets Quaser

    Thank you for visiting Kobe. Daytime trip is full of wonder. Also I want to say rock gigs in kobe are so cool. That is not yet informed to oversea tourists. For example, KOBE CHICKEN GEORGE is one of the best venue in Japan. Every night various bands have gigs. I usually produce progressive rock events. On DEC/4 "ExProg winter [email protected] GEORGE" , I set live-charge free for oversea tourists. Please let tourists know how cool rock gigs in Kobe. Check ExProg.

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  10. ネコのみいこ


  11. Hirohide TOKORO

    Hi I am new here from just last week. You seem to be able to understand Japanese language quite well but almost no Nihongo would appear, that's why I decided to subscribe. And also very rare British accent channel in Japan. Many thanks for sharing interesting videos. Enjoy staying in Japan!

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