Japan Travel Update June 2021 | Shots, Games, Passports, Student Visas, Tourism

This is a Japan Travel Update for June 2021 – shot passports, summer games, will Japan open up for Autumn? So many questions – let’s get into it! Leave any questions below. ▶︎ New ONLY in JAPAN channel with edited stories:

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49 Replies to “Japan Travel Update June 2021 | Shots, Games, Passports, Student Visas, Tourism”

  1. momona Kokeshi

    Thank you for the updates. It's good to see that people are being vaccinated. At least, Japan is closed while this is happening. It was interesting to see how another country handles their vaccination sites. It was a good idea to bus the people in. The people don't have to worry about traveling far from their homes.

  2. Vox Vire

    Was supposed to study in Japan in September
    September of 2020…
    My semester abroad has been cancelled again just this Monday. This was the third time.
    So even IF they will allow students back in, universities might still cancel the whole semester for foreign students

  3. Vegard The Filmmaker

    They should allow all vaccinated people from EU in with our vaccine passports and no quarantine hotel.
    I'm not going to Japan in a tour group lol.

  4. Mini Rabbitz

    Thank you so much for your updates. Finally I can go back after nearly two years and bring my family here for a trip.

  5. alzai mer

    The presenter keeps saying that he is not a political person , he s continuing though making statements and announces…than at some point he says that s how the world works…which one ? the contemporary or the previous one? … counterdebait or opposition are important for democracies history proved that man with a lot of consensus were not necessarely good people let s not forget it

  6. Pedro Pablo Pastene

    Thanks for the update. I hope by the end of the year start the proccess of studying in Japan and move by mid 2022 so I have faith by the end of this year the covid situation gets a lot better

  7. Mrs. Quills

    Thanks for another update! I hope you and your family stay safe and can get vaccinated soon. Also, I agree with everyone! Your haircut is super dapper and flatters you nicely. Change is good John, and this new look is very fresh, professional, clean and summery. Summery as in it looks lighter and more comfortable for hot weather.

  8. Camila Castro

    Hi your friend got his student visa but is he a privately funded student or MEXT? I heard only MEXT students were being allowed. My COE can only be used until August. I was supposed to start in April. Do you think there's any chance they will let privately funded students in before it expires? Thank you very much for your amazing videos. Watching Akihabara was so nostalgic! I studied for 2 months 2 years ago and stayed in Soto Kanda. I nearly cried watching your video.

  9. Joey Schilling

    Thanks again for this David. Your information is always much appreciated. Me my wife and daughter plus a Friday are looking to travel to Tokyo in April next year

  10. sunman

    I want to see the sheeple faces when they are getting the vaccine but they will still not be allowed to travel. 🐑

  11. pikakerose

    im glad to see japan get the vaccinations done here in hawaii most of us are vaccinated soon covid restrictions will be lifted. thank you for keeping us updated on the situation. my wish is to visit japan again soon. btw great haircut perfect for the summer

  12. Christopher Brown

    As much as I love visiting Japan, there is no point in booking flights to go there until it’s 100% confirmed that you can travel there. Otherwise, you may just risk losing more money.

  13. justin Limnardy

    I still haven't get my visa yet however my coe have been accepted at least. Hopefully I can get my visa before July since my teacher said that August is the time I have a chance to go

  14. Michael Sasano

    Loved this livestream travel update my bro. Thank you for always keeping us in the loop. And, the haircut looks nice! Almost as short as Okapi, LOL.

  15. SF2TOKYO

    As much as I miss Japan, I'm not spending my precious vacation days that I've worked hard for to quarantine.
    I'll just wait until quarantines aren't forced on foreign visitors.

  16. SCI

    If you wonder how those new viruses got into Japan? That’s simple. The diplomats and their family numbers, trade officials and other government officials. That’s how. The UK-Indian hybrids found in Philippine and Vietnam is super contagious and deadlier. It is real bad news for Japan if that virus makes its way to Japan now.

  17. shinagawa

    The real reason why Japan is soooo slow in vaccine rollout is not because of there are not enough professionals to give the shots, it is because Japan failed to secure the vaccine last summer just like the US or Israel. It is simple as that.

  18. wicket wicket

    Hey John I was coming last Oct 20 and due to COVID had to cancel and rebooked for this Oct I do hope Japan opens I've had both jabs and have my COVID passport I wish Japan would let me in 😊😊

  19. Mark Couper

    hi john i dont recall you doing any videos in osaka i believe it was or is the 3rd most liveable city in the world i dont know anything about the place.

  20. T Gong

    My wife is an RN and treats Covid patients. It is still possible to get the virus after being vaccinated but it is extremely rare. If you have a preexisting condition or take immunosuppressives like transplant patients your risk of getting sick after vaccination is much higher. Thanks for all the great info and keeping everyone updated John. Stay safe!

  21. DIsabledgamer jh

    So the US took Japan off the do not travel to list today but does that really matter if Japan won't change anything? Might it be a sign they'll change something soon?

  22. Mk Dance

    Thank you for update John it must take much of your time to research info for us all, much appreciated! Btw you look more handsome with out the hat 😉so fresh, clean & younger w short hair 🥰.
    Please keep them hats off till next winter 🙏😁, you look so much nicer trust me…I’m sure Kanae agree too! 👍😍.
    Hello Kanae & baby Leo, wish you well safe & happy. I gave birth to my lovely little boy 22yrs ago, oh my how time has passed , not easy caring for baby + fam. Will get better Kanae once you know baby’s personality to have a routine will help. Hope John will allow us to see your face to say hi soon. Always press likes button!!!👍🤗💞🌷

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