$340 Matsusaka Steak Lunch – Japan's most expensive Beef

Charcoal grilled Matsusaka Wagyu Beef (Amiyaki) in Matsusaka Town, Japan. Matsusaka belongs to the top 3 beef brands in Japan, beside Kobe beef and Omi Beef.

40 Replies to “$340 Matsusaka Steak Lunch – Japan's most expensive Beef”

  1. claymore cluepile

    what a ripoff ….$340 would buy half a raw cow……here they feed you one ounce strips in fancy bowls with green leaves and flower petals

  2. The Rabid Scorpion

    I never question my life choices more than when I watch Aden Films videos. Watching a man eat $340 steak and drinking top of the line beer.. look down and I'm eating a ham and cheese sandwich and drinking a Pepsi.

  3. Markc Vasilev

    Прекрасный пикник дома тогда как на природе это запрещено или далеко

  4. Brian Newman

    You gotta love Japan. They either cut your steak into little pieces for you, or make you pick the whole thing up with chopsticks and just bite into it in one big piece. There is no in between.

  5. rafaescate

    I'm sure that sauce is delicious, but all the pieces of beef cooked with that sauce? Not even a first try without the sauce? Come on Aden!

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