Epic Japanese Street Food Tour | Dazaifu Fukuoka Japan

Dazaifu is a small town located just 30 minutes from Hakata Station in Fukuoka. Famous as a temple town, they have a wide variety of street food to sample.

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35 Replies to “Epic Japanese Street Food Tour | Dazaifu Fukuoka Japan”


    I think that the food in the world is interesting, so I post a video with English subtitles on a cooking video that is said to be very strange in Japan where I live, but no one sees it:'(
    In Japan, I'd become a hot topic as "the best in the crazy", I wonder if not really in the world.
    I will do my best to convey the charm of Japan by working harder!!

  2. Peggy Chu

    I was surprised by some of those foods and I agree, the price is worth it if it’s delicious. It’s not good to go cheap and not get quality items to enjoy. Your choices was definitely quality.

  3. V bee

    I enjoyed this very much. It is a beautiful city and everything is so clean—no trash or graffiti or litter. The Japanese are respectful of others…unlike America where so many have descended to animals.

  4. Laura Javier

    I would love a video of places/food you havent eaten before in Japan , I would love to see your reactions to them.

  5. Vlog Passport

    Looks good! I always love watching your videos! I'm your friend here, keep it up!! 😊👍🏻😊👍🏻❤️❤️

  6. Bobe In Japan

    One of my favourite cities 🥰around Fukuoka. I always have umegae mochi whem I go there , I will visit soon again

  7. MsSmartmonkeee

    Another wonderful place for us to see someday. I am so glad you share your trips with us as it gives us ideas on where to go next! Hopefully we can go to Japan this autumn!

  8. London Pelen

    Hi Shinichi how you doing good to see you enjoy another good day the awesome thanks for sharing this video stay safe God BLESS to all I

  9. Mish-a-lean L

    I accidentally bought a Nuresen in Kyoto thinking it was a steak skewer. I was so mad when I bit into it and realized it was not meat lol i felt tricked!

  10. Akif43

    i really enjoy this kind of videos.
    you are living my dream, being in japan, eating many street food and traveling.
    at the moment where you went to the vending machine and took the green tea i got flashbacks and memories from your old vending machine videos 🙂
    i miss those videos with vending machine i hope you will make some new 😀
    every city and place of japan looks so beautful, when i see those videos i just want to grab a cold green tea and some mocchis and chill there ^^

  11. Greg Brooks

    Is there a particular day of the week that you take these journeys? Are certain days better than others in Japanese culture for which/how many shops are open, the quality of the food, etc? Restaurants in the US typically receive fresh ingredients a couple times a week….. and in certain states, shops often close on Mondays…. Sundays… etc. Thanks.

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