First time visiting a Buddhist Temple in Japan | Kyoto | Kinkaku-ji | Ginkaku-ji | Telugu Vlog

During my one-day trip to Kyoto, I have visited the two most popular Buddhist Temples in Japan, Kinkaku-ji (The Golden Pavilion) and Ginkaku-ji (The Silver Pavilion) which are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In this video, I explore these Zen temples and explain the history of these highly reputed and respected monuments.

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36 Replies to “First time visiting a Buddhist Temple in Japan | Kyoto | Kinkaku-ji | Ginkaku-ji | Telugu Vlog”

  1. 9003 A Bhavyasree

    The places you are visiting are almost ancient and adorable places that every person want to see👏🙂🙂 bhabhai 😀

  2. Deepthi Badri

    Neeku intha opika ela vachindhi thelsukovacha. Chala clear ga explain chesthunav. Anni videos chusanu ippati daka.. cute unnav abbay..❤️
    You can become a good travel episode tv anchor(eg: Vihaari). Very original description of things.
    Ne gurinchi inkonchem description lo rayochu ga, viewers aduguthunaru.
    Replies petti comments ki encourage cheyi viewers ni kastha.


    Bro, I'm Deepshika from india vijayawada.can you please make video on university which is useful for undergraduate students 🙏

  4. Priyanka nagasuri

    Why we're you in Japan ? Are you studying there!
    It would be nice if u make a video on "why ur living in Japan"

  5. Vani ❤️

    Tammudu my son is 7 years old
    Today he learnt 5 chess classes which u have taught in sharada claasics .very clear explanation in an understanding way .thank u brother
    The way of ur explanation shown how pleasant n patience u have.
    Very nice keep going.all the best

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