Japan Travel Ban: 3rd June 2021 Update on restrictions

Japan travel ban update. Japan’s government has extended a coronavirus state of emergency for Tokyo, Osaka, and seven other prefectures. It was set to be lifted last week – but will instead remain in place until June 20.

Japan to start office and university vaccinations from June 21st

MEXT students can enter Japan.

NHK vaccine daily data.

We have collected over 800 stories, and we translated them into Japanese. We have already handed to the Japanese government the first 500 stories we received and now we are working on a new website that will help to spread awareness about the situation of international students.

You can share your story here!


💡 My article on the current situation of International Students. 💡

If you would like us to share the details of initiatives you are working on to raise awareness, please contact me at [email protected]

Let me know in the comments if you are aware of any significant initiative and campaign that you think I should share in the next video. Please let me know if you have any suggestions about the content to post.

I wanted to help and raise this issue, I can not do this alone so I met with some of the language school associations to discuss what we can do to lobby the government on behalf of all international students.

The response from the school representatives was that the government highly weighs the impact to those students who are most directly affected and so we created a form to help capture that information to be able to share with the government more easily. Some responses captured so far are in this article.

I know many people reading this have already been pushing for answers from the government but we would like to ask that as many of you as possible share your story and pass this on to friends too, in order to be able to supply the school representatives with as much helpful material as we can.

We ask if you are willing to share your story that you please fill the form here as soon as you can, so we can use the information to push for students to be able to enter Japan for the April term as soon as possible.

The form can be filled in your native language, English or Japanese. If you are an international student waiting to go to Japan, even if you didn’t use my company to apply for a school, you can enter here:

If you are not an international student, but you know someone who is please let them know about this initiative. If you want to support other international students, please share and like this article since the more people and awareness we get, the more powerful messages we can deliver to the Japanese government.

I hope I will see all of you in Japan soon.

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00:28 Extension of the state of emergency for Tokyo and Osaka
02:15 Update on daily vaccination numbers
03:12 Japan to start office and university vaccinations
05:33 MEXT government-sponsored students can enter Japan
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24 Replies to “Japan Travel Ban: 3rd June 2021 Update on restrictions”

  1. Provoking Perch

    A few months ago I saw some articles saying that in July and October 2020 for a brief window the entry ban was lifted and people were able to apply for visas, I was wondering how accurate this is? Like if maybe it was just for a very select group of countries?

    Thanks for the video

  2. Benjamin Paris Fleming

    Thank you for the update Davide, I hope non-MEXT students will be allowed next. I look forward to the end of the state of emergency, and I'm glad to hear that the vaccination rate is climbing rapidly!

  3. Tania Sofia

    Families need to Include unmarried couples !!!! No one speaks out for us . Short term students and couples deserve to enter japan just as much as anyone with any kind of visa . Not for tourism, but to reunite with partners!

  4. Stephan Dasse

    Davide thank you so much for sharing all of these contents. You are very focused on international students however do you think there is a chance for people who want to go to Japan as tourists but want to start living their dream there to enter? (considering that they will be in the country which will facilitate their jobs searches for example) Thank you in advance!

  5. Helena Sanmamed

    Davide thank you very much for updating international students. I really hope that the rest of the students who are still waiting can also enter Japan soon. I only have until mid-august to enter Japan because after that my exchange program ends and I cannot receive my scholarship. Fingers crossed that soon we will hear more good news for us. And again, thank you Davide for your enormous support!

  6. Camila Castro

    Hi Davide and thanks for your initiative again. I contacted my school and they said that if by June 29th nothing changes, they will apply again on my behalf for October intake but they didn't seem very optimistic.
    They said the current COE can only be extended until August 25th and that if I decide to apply for October intake it would be returned to the Embassy. I am a bit confused. What would you advise me and other students in the same situation to do? Keep the current COE and take the risk of not being able to use it or give up on it and apply again?
    If a miracle happens and students are allowed in July or August I would have missed the chance to go and there's a risk of not being granted a new COE because of the entry ban or whatever reason.
    On the other hand, if we are allowed in September or October my COE would have expired and I would have to apply again for April 2022. This uncertainty is killing me. Thanks in advance for your advice.

  7. Vitality - Fitness & Science

    Thank you Davide for your effort.
    I hope students without the MEXT sponsorship will be able to fly as well soon. My planned internship starts in July. Unfortunately I cant postpone it anymore so that will be my last chance. Hope for the best for each student waiting

  8. Balu B

    Hey Davide, Thank you again for this update, realistically how long do you think Japan may take for a million doses per day as per their goal ?

  9. Discover with Abid

    Whenever you make a video for YouTube, I watch your video first
    I would have greatly increased my knowledge by watching your video
    I'm a big fan of yours and I have submitted the documents to come to Japan. Can you tell me when will open Japan work visa ?

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