UPDATE! July 10th Japan Travel ban News – No spectators for Olympics

In this week’s update on what is happening regarding Japan’s entry and travel ban, we continue to look at the situation in Japan, the vaccine uptake and look at how Japan’s new state of emergency will affect the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which are starting in two weeks time.

All information is available for you to read: Sources at the end.

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00:00 Intro
00:58 Covid stats
02:22 State of Emergency
04:12 Vaccine uptake
05:55 Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) info
07:57 Vaccine passport pressure
10:15 Viewer comments
11:41 End info

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33 Replies to “UPDATE! July 10th Japan Travel ban News – No spectators for Olympics”

  1. Frisco Paname

    Helo from France, I've read somewhere that Katsunobu Kato has participated to an official meeting about the future of japanese tourism and the need of vaccination passeport. But, maybe my japanese skills are not good enough and I misunderstood 😀 Do you know if it's true and do you know what was decided ? Thnk you .

  2. Trimee

    Hi my name is Klara. I am planning a work and travel to Japan. I finished high school in June and since then I am waiting to enter the country. The next date for a possible entry is listened for October 6. I personally don’t believe that it will be possible. What do you think? And I also be skeptical if Japan will open this year. Do you think it will open this year? What if the vaccination slows down and they won’t be ready by November. I am really overthinking. I didn’t sign in for a university because of the Work and Travel. Do you think that was a mistake? :/
    Kind regards from Germany.

  3. Patrick Hayes

    I can not believe that japan are asking countries to accept there vaccine passport but will still not permitt forign entry I think its a give and take. If they won't accept the program they should not be allowed entry into other countries 😤

  4. EnrageAidoru Trash

    Ahhh the pressure is growing!!! I mean how can they expect no reciprocity for such a selfish passport 😭LOL

  5. CK

    I think the double standard of Japan allowing their citizens to travel with a vaccine passport, but denying foreigners with such documentation entry may result in individual countries refusing to accept the Japanese vaccine passport for tourists.

  6. Gamer4ever

    on your personal opinion. do you think japan will open borders in 2021? i really want to visit during christmas times in japan

  7. Emmanuel Panizzo

    I read that Japanese tourism industry expect the opening for overseas tourists for October/November. Also I saw a spot in YouTube from the JNTO, advertising some Japanese places, letting know that the re-opening is coming soon. Regards from Mexico.

  8. Estephen Salazar

    I think it’s pretty embarrassing that leaders in Japan haven’t figured out by now that state of emergency lockdowns do not work. Makes me appreciate my freedoms here in Texas 🤠 I’m holding on to hope (barely) to visit in November 🤞🏽

  9. Japan Life

    First of all, well done on pulling all this info together every week not an easy task.
    The item about the Duty Free shops I thought was strange, as who would shop there if NO tourists. My view is it was to draw fire and make us look “over there”. A couple of days before the government made a statement that Banks would monitor restaurants to find out who was closing and who was not. Then the next morning they walked the comment back.
    In general it is very difficult for business owners, as they can get some support, but I think it is not always easy or quick to get. There is also the fear that if you are closed, then your customers find somewhere else and will never come back.
    Finally the vaccinations. The Prefecture Governor’s for the last couple of months have been asking the government for better info on when and how many vaccine will be sent to them. The government know the prefectures have vaccines sitting in freezers and they should be using them now. The prefectures are holding these stock so they have enough to give people the second jab. This is a report about it from today if you have not come across it yet.

    Personally I have received my vaccine number and can book to get my first jab as I’m in the 60 to 64 group. Tried to get an appointment and everywhere we tried did not know when they would get a supply of vaccines. They were hoping to have info mid August or after they have finished the elderly. The city office is now asking us to stop trying to make appointments, they will advise more at a later date.

  10. Gabriel Erazo

    I am sooooooo ready to make my return!!! Please open already I miss Japan so much. I am ready to move to Japan honestly With no hesitation.

  11. Found in Japan

    Nice video and coverage of all the data. There is a lot going on with the shots so it is hard to keep straight. Good on you for trying.

  12. Philippe VH

    Thanks again for keeping is updated 👍
    I truly hope the Olympics will go smoothly and not cause a surge in cases, to reassure the population. I often do Duty Free shopping mainly at electronics shops.

  13. Heartthrob Heart

    Hi. Thanks for the update. Agree since vaccination in Japan didn't reach 60% double jabs. It's too risky to hold the Olympics with spectators. Once the 60 % is reached Japan should start relaxing all regulations including travel into the country.

  14. nikovauli

    I have always wanted to join an exchange program to Japan on my senior year since I started college. Now that I'm on my senior year corona decides to show up. This Fall 2021 semester is my last hope to go there or else I keep postponing my graduation, I really hope students are welcome by that time. I'm willing to obey their 14 days quarantine and pcr tests and stuffs, just let me in lmao

    Anyways I really appreciate your videos, thank you for keeping us updated! Greetings from 🇮🇩

  15. inorvain

    Hi Ninja MOnkey
    I just got my CoE (it's a 3 year for residential) about 5 weeks ago and went to the Japanese consulate, and was denied a visa. I am of Japanese descent (2nd gen. living in Canada). They said they would grant me a visa, if and only if, I had a parent or a spouse currently residing Japan – I don't and still stuck here. Am I wrong in that if I was granted a CoE from the Japanese Immigration office, it's at the Consulate General discretion to issue a visa? By the way, of course you are aware of MOFA, I was wondering if you know the office of I.S.A.?

  16. From America To Japan

    They should let vaccinated people in at least. Especially if they allow their vaccinated people in our country. It’s only fair.

  17. From America To Japan

    Japanese government has their heads up their butt. This is ridiculous they go to state of emergency every time cases go up, I think it’s bs. Excuse my language. It’s funny how Florida where I’m from cases are not going up and our state is completely open. Smh 🤦‍♂️

  18. socialist0189

    I think after the Olympics we finally get answers. All the times I went to Japan I never went to a tax free shop. Why would you?

  19. Noble Truth

    Thank you for replying to my comment. I've been separated from my partner for too long now. My heart hurts. I just want to see her again. Great video as always. Go, team!

  20. King Robotnik

    “Japan is expected to open up by late September”

    I’ll be able to go on my birthday!

    new variant that needs new vaccine appears

    “Japan will be banning travel until otherwise noted”

    …I wonder if I can boat over there before WW3 decides to join Covid and DP me from going back

  21. Hoi Poi

    I think it's unreasonable to tell businesses, they can't operate mostly normally after 1.5 years. You will kill businesses if you keep pushing them from making money to pay for leases, etc.

  22. Mike Villalobos

    This only proves me to there isolationist attitude towards the world and they haven't changed at all since WW2. Whatever benefits them and not others. I cannot believe the government's xenophobic attitude and at the sake of their own people.

  23. Ikastola007

    Thanks for the update Nathan!

    Since Duty Free shopping is reserved to non-residents staying less than 6 months in Japan, I wonder who those 300 persons a day violating the quarantine rules are. Relatives of residents travelling under a special circumstance reason?

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