The Most Delicious Japanese Food Recipes

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37 Replies to “The Most Delicious Japanese Food Recipes”

  1. - kitten

    I would absolutely LOVE to eat Japanese foods, but I strictly hate seafood, (lobster, seaweed anything seafood.) I really wanna try these but I know I won’t like it 😿 anyone have any Japanese things with chicken? Meat? Anything 😩

  2. .

    It might seem like a dumb question but is the hot spring egg like a suuuuuper super soft boiled egg? It almost looked like a poached but then I saw it was boiled still in the shell 🤔

  3. ved paul

    I can absolutely see this recipe on the front page of Khal,com. You should definitely add it there. I love your cooking style….

  4. Gilliahn P.

    The fact that people think Imo Mochi isn't a mochi is sad. Thats just a dead giveaway that they only know the word mochi from a stereotypical and often westernized form of sweet mochi or ice cream mochi, and that usually means they're just an intolerant weeb. Yes, I understand that I have an anime profile picture. But I choose to learn (and accept) that there is more to a culture than whats portrayed in dramatic animations.

  5. Deja Thai's Dead Channel

    I recommend trying these, these are all delicious (well for me I'm Japanese) 本当に良いもの… they are reall good

  6. Foodlaver

    Delicious Japanese food compilations are nice but scrolling back up and hitting the like and subscribe button is even nicer

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