【4K HDR】Night Walk in Tokyo Red Light District – Shinjuku Kabukicho(歌舞伎町散歩) – Japan Walking Tour

Wandering around Tokyo’s famous red light district, Kabukicho in Shinjuku late at night. The nightlife and entertainment district is vast, and there are so many things to do here. There are many delicious restaurants, arcade centers, escape rooms, hostess & host clubs, and many more after hours activities. If you ever find yourself in Tokyo, this is one of the must checkout spots, just be sure to stay safe and ignore the solicitors.

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00:00 Intro
00:40 Kabukicho Ichiban-gai
05:00 Escape game building
06:29 Afterhours activity district
10:08 Godzilla Road
12:48 After hours activity backstreets
16:02 Kabukicho Sakura-dori
19:08 Host & Hostess area
41:01 Golden Gai

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23 Replies to “【4K HDR】Night Walk in Tokyo Red Light District – Shinjuku Kabukicho(歌舞伎町散歩) – Japan Walking Tour”


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  2. Möbius Paw

    Love this video.
    Thank you for making it.
    I feel relaxed and comfortable watching this on my 150" projector screen. It's like a window into another world.
    Thanks. 👍👍👁

  3. ً

    Why are there certain areas with so many black dudes sitting around, while there are not many other foreigners? Are they wanted there because they have certain body parts with a specificly large size? Lmao

  4. Sarah White

    It's so strange how little focused street lighting there is. A few lamps and the ambient light from the signs.

  5. nazar En

    Круот очин я лиш аниме обчно бачу так вулчки интрсно живу зймку гланути

  6. lilth501

    I'm watching this on my new 2021 LG Oled TV.. And I have to say I'm suffering from sensory overload Just overwhelming
    Only videos like this can capture reality
    This TV captures illumination of light Spectacularly

  7. Miguell Sanchez

    Damn I´d love to visit one day but all those touts and scouts would propably annoy me to death. They are literally at every corner and in between.

    Or maybe a big fat easy to spot camera right in front of me would help.

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