Developing Japanese Black Pines

In this video I show you how to refine and shape the Japanese Black Pine.

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34 Replies to “Developing Japanese Black Pines”

  1. James Miehls

    Would love to see more videos about developing bonsai at a more advanced level. Both of material that has already been worked with for a couple seasons, and more intermediate and advanced techniques. Either way, thank you for all the wonderful content you’ve already shared with the world

  2. Rachel White
  3. Brendon van Statten

    Hi there Peter,
    How would one go about developing a clump style Japanese black pine from 4 year old trees?
    Great video
    Regards from South Africa

  4. Joshhhua Garcia

    Good morning Peter. I have achieved rear budding in my black pine, which is practically the same as the ones you are wiring, I have got two candles half the length of the first branch perfectly arranged on each side, but together with the original branch there would be three. My question is if you would take the opportunity to branch that branch from further back by cutting the main one and forming the branch from those two new shoots or would you remove one of them and continue working with the main branch and the new shoot?

  5. Haley Flores
  6. Henry Chan

    Hi Peter, Do you have any field grown Japanese black pines? I’m thinking of putting mine in the ground to accelerate the growth.

  7. Albert Stauber

    I want to ask something because pots i dont have any knowledge of bonsai question is can stay outside pottery bonsai plants even winter months or need to move and place inside with the roof

  8. Steve AnacortesWA

    Another great video Peter, when do you first wire the JBP? mine are just reaching their second summer so thinking to wire them up in the fall, some I did already but I sold all the rest so still 100 that are in the 6 mo old category and will look at wiring next summer. I really like the trees from cuttings, the branches start at the soil level and it's exciting to see the roots when I go from the 4" pot to the 1 Gal, the older ones are in #3 air pots now. Thanks for all the great videos, always learn something new.

  9. Heritagius

    Ahaaha I clicked on this and wasn't really concentrating, then looked at the screen. For about a second Peter looked like a giant towering over a forest!

  10. Cheryl Andrews

    thank you for the video 🙂 Do you cut the candles on very young JBP too? or just when they get older? Does using cinnamon kill the mycelium?

  11. Rico T

    Unfortunately does not grow in tropical climates. I have been experimenting with peepal trees… any suggestions master Peter chan


    The England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 football ⚽️ game is on but I am here watching my favourite team Mr Chan Bonsai Team 👍🏻👍🏻🌳🌳

  13. Codeuso

    Washington State, USA here: I started a Ponderosa Pine seedling. Currently just under a foot tall. This gave me so many ideas. I don't know if the species of pine I have is conducive of a good bonsai, but I will use this, and your other videos to help me along! Any videos of species of specific area like the Pacific Northwest would be awesome! Thank you for all you do!

  14. Jyothi Lavigne

    I love these tutorials as I am getting so much better at identifying which branches you are going to cut. That last pine, though was a surprise, as I didn’t see how you were going to create a new leader, as you inadvertently cut the leader sometime ago. I guess I didn’t see that branch which you trained as the new leader, and now the tree is looking very plausible. Thank you Peter, for having taught me so much! My big sorrow is the inability to purchase your trees. We live in a bonsai wilderness, as there is nowhere to get any reliable pre bonsai trees or pots. I’m soldiering on however. I need more instruction as to how to over winter our trees, as it drops to – 25 on a regular basis and there is no place in my garden for a greenhouse or poly tunnel. More research is required! Thanks once again in keeping my hopes alive that one day I might be able to produce a reasonable bonsai!

  15. Blaydrnnnr

    So back budding is inspired buy cutting back the tips? Or by cutting the branch hard back behind the foliage? ( basically taking the foliage off completely)

  16. Blaydrnnnr

    Wow.. Talk about perfect timing. I have just been looking at MAYBE buying a Black Pine from a fairly reputable nursery here in the states. EXPENSIVE, but yet, I agree on your theory of time and cost. This will be my very first pine in my collection, and as usual, the learning curve is high. It is mid July here, so I'm hoping it will survive the trip and I need to know what to be ready for in care as the summer trolls on and fall approaches. Thanks Sir Peter!!!

  17. Mohammad Yassin

    I had a question about the pots these pines are in. I have a pot similar to them where the drainage holes are in the legs. Do i need to apply mesh to it still? I feel it’s a rather awkward opening and would be difficult to properly place it.

    Thank you from your fan in the US, your videos have gotten me into bonsai and I always enjoy the content you post.

  18. french fries21

    Good morning Peter, from the west coast of the United States. If you could please just say the date that you film your videos on, would be a huge help. Huge respect

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